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Love Happening 我爱你,这是最好的安排 (2019)

Love Happening 我爱你,这是最好的安排 (2019)
Also known as: 我爱你,这是最好的安排 / Wo Ai Ni, Zhe Shi Zui Hao De An Pai / 我爱你这是最好的安排

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
China Mainland
Wang Li Xuan (王莉萱), Liu Yi Meng (刘一萌), Zhang Xue Ting (张雪婷), Zhou Jie (周捷)
Chen Lin Hai (陈林海), Chen Guan Wei (陈冠龙), Wang Wei (王伟)
Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Release Date:
Oct 16, 2019
Related Show:
Wo Ai Ni, Zhe Shi Zui Hao De An Pai (我爱你,这是最好的安排) by Yue Guang Ma Tou (月光码头),


  • Zhang Bin Bin as Xia Yu Xing
  • Zheng He Hui Zi as Ma Ke Ai
  • Gao Yang as Lu Zhen Zhen
  • Sun Shu Hang as Han Yuan Bin
  • Wang Zhi Fei as Song Tian Ming
  • Wang Qing Xiang as Ma Dong Shan
  • Chun Yu Shan Shan as Han De Chang
  • Wu Jun Chao as Yang Li
  • Zhang Ying Ying as Sun Qian

This is the best arrangement for the plot: The Hausen Hotel was founded by Ma Dongshan, the father of Ma, and Han Dechang, the father of Han Bing, and Song Tianming. After 30 years, the three people are no longer angry. Ma Dongshan is old and sick. Han Dechang has already passed away. Song Tianming was depressed after losing his son in his early years. As the chairman of the hotel, Ma Dongshan proposed to be a lovely inheritance hotel after the illness. At this time, the horses in the foreign country had a traffic accident. After the death, they learned that Ma Dongshan had a heart attack. After rushing back to the country, after this series of events, Ma cute suddenly found the accident behind.

Episodes Lists:
Episodes 1
Episodes 2
Episodes 3
Episodes 4
Episodes 5
Episodes 6
Episodes 7
Episodes 8
Episodes 9

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