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Love debt in a fire หนี้รักในกรงไฟ (2019)

Love debt in a fire cage หนี้รักในกรงไฟ (2019)
Also known as: หนี้รักในกรงไฟ / Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai

Genres: Romance, Drama
Sarasawadee Wongsompetch
Channel 3
Release Date:
Jun 15, 2019
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  • Alek Teeradetch Metawarayut as Kawin / Kevin / Mark
  • Patricia Tanchanok Good as Chalita / Belle
  • Pop Thagoon Karnthip as Damrong
  • Jieb Lalana Kongtoranin as Mei Hua
  • Namnung Suttidachanai
  • Deaw Suriyon Aroonwattanakul as Chakrit

On her seventh birthday, Chalita’s entire family was killed. Kawin/Kevin, was given the option to slay three people in order to protect one. His guilt drove him to distance himself from her. In her youth, Chalita is adopted by a mysterious stranger who is known as, “Nai Noi (Young Boss):” He turns her life around and is her means of support. Kawin moves next door to Chalita and their lives become entangled. Feelings blossom, and happiness is reintroduced to Chalita’s life, but Kawin risks losing her, if his secret were to ever be revealed. If Chalita ever recalled the past, he will lose everything. Source by

Episodes Lists:
Episodes 1
Episodes 2
Episodes 3
Episodes 4
Episodes 5
Episodes 6
Episodes 7
Episodes 8
Episodes 9

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