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Little Doctor Chapter 3

Guan Ling couldn’t help but swallow, and he really didn’t expect Gao Cuilan to be so strong. 

    One side of the water and soil to raise one person, this is not the case, I do not know what other women in Baolin Village look like, Guan Ling suddenly filled the endless expectations of the future. 

    The two men talked and laughed and walked for more than 20 minutes to Baolin Village. Baolin Village is not too far from the highway, so it is relatively better than other villages. 

    Guan Ling followed Gao Cuilan to the village chief’s house, a brick house, a barn shed, which is the home of the village chief, and it is also the best person in Baolin Village. 

    “Doctor Guan, please, sit here and sit here.” 

    The village head, who was over 40 years old, greeted Guan Ling with enthusiasm and sat down. After receiving the introduction letter from Guan Ling, he read it over the grass and smiled at Guan Lingdao. “Doctor Guan, you can finally come. We are looking forward to seeing you in Baolin Village. You don’t know, I went to the country every year, and I have been there many times in the county. I have been saying this year. How many years have you said, you can finally come.” 

    “Let’s say a few words, others have not yet eaten the doctor, Nizi went to the stewed chicken.” Gao Cuilan interrupted the conversation between the two. , pulled the girl hiding behind the door frame. 

    After entering the house for a long while, Guan Ling only noticed that this girl of about 18 or so, with a clear eyebrow and a big nose, a pair of thick eyebrows and lips, looks pure and beautiful. 

    The village head around him is a national character face with wide eyebrows and a flat mouth hanging under the bridge of the nose. The typical honest peasant is not like the village head. 

    The girl put on a pot of stewed chicken, and picked up some kimchi from the jar. Four people sat on the table. 

    A pot of stewed chicken was particularly eye-catching in the setting of a few dishes of kimchi. Guan Ling sighed in his heart. The village lacked more than just a doctor, but more importantly, the way to get rich. 

    “Doctor Guan, you eat, we are not very good here, you can be very ruthless.” The village chief quickly gave Guan Ling a chicken leg, and the words were very respectful. Obviously, he was very afraid of Guan Ling leaving this poor place.

    “The village head has not asked you about the surname?” Guan Ling asked while eating chicken legs. 

    The village head slaps his 

    head and smiles slyly. “My name is Yu Weihong.” “Yu Cunchang , is the address of the Health Center selected? I brought some medicines and watched when I moved.” Guan Ling wants to settle as soon as possible. Come down. 

    When Yu Yuchang did not speak, he was robbed by Gao Cuilan: “Doctor Guan, you are so anxious. The place is set up with a table and chairs to see a doctor. People can’t live. Eat first, eat a good rest. In the evening, I will go see it tomorrow 

    .” “Right right, eat first.” Yu Weihong followed his wife’s words and did not dare to violate it. “Doctor Guan, the place was originally a ancestral hall, except for the four old ones. It looked like. When I heard that you were coming, I was looking for someone to mend it, and it was a good thing to keep in the wind and rain. This is a real problem… It’s really a problem.” 

    “The doctor will stay here now, let’s stay here, let’s stay. Although the poor are poor, but the resident is still no problem.” Gao Cuilan said enthusiastically, suddenly saw the girl to extend the chopsticks, and quickly sneaked the girl’s hand. 

    This scene was met by Guan Ling, and took the initiative to give the girl a large piece of chicken. “What is your name?” The 

    girl looked at Gao Cuilan in a hurry, Gao Cuilan smiled and said, “She is called He Xiujun, staying in our house to go to town on weekdays.” The mountain is studying, this year is eighteen.” 

    Gao Cuilan looked at the girl, and looked at the girl’s begging, thinking for a long while, and silently nodded. 

    He Xiujun jumped up happily and almost dropped the chicken on the ground. He quickly thanked Guan Ling. “Thank you for shutting down…” 

    “Calling brother.” Gao Cuilan hurryed. 

    “Thank you for closing my brother.” The girl smiled like a flower, and both tiger teeth were exposed. 

    Guan Ling quickly waved his hand, but he felt that the girl was smart and clever. Gao Cuilan just agreed and said that he would thank him. 

    After eating the meal, Guan Ling washed it on the spot early. Yu Yuchang gave He Xiujun’s bedroom to Guan Ling, and his family of three was squeezed on one, which made him a little embarrassed.

    This shop is a bedroom, but it is just a small compartment separated from the village chief’s bedroom by a thin piece of wood. The wooden door is also cracked with a large gap, showing that the conditions are simple. 

    After the lights were turned off, Guan Ling was lying on the bed for a long time and didn’t sleep. Until the next door suddenly there was a woman who suppressed the cockroaches… I want to talk to more like-minded people about “Hot Doctor”, WeChat pays attention to “heat” Net text or “Like a book with more book friends


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