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Little Doctor Chapter 2

Looking at Gao Cuilan’s slightly closed but slightly trembling eyelashes, Guan Ling knew that the woman must have woken up. 

    And since she did not refuse, it shows that she is quite enjoyable, Guan Ling finally got the heart of Gao Cuilan. Although he did not dare to act excessively in the car, he did not want to be a Liu Xiahui. 

    Guan Ling pretended to be asleep, and a soft squeak in his throat, but his mouth was aimed at Gao Cuilan to blow the heat. Without blowing a few times, Gao Cuilan resisted and made a seductive voice in his throat. 

    “Hey!” A sudden brake sound came, Guan Ling did not pay attention, almost turned out from Gao Cuilan, but in the eyes of Gao Cuilan, he hugged Guan Ling. 

    This Xia Ling Ling really realized that the softness of the two groups of Gao Cuilan was so soft and heavy. 

    “Baolin Village is here! Baolin Village’s hurry to get off!” The driver spit a sigh of relief and shouted loudly toward the back. The conductor rolled his shirt and slammed it. The door was opened. 

    “Doctor Guan, are you okay?” Gao Cuilan quickly picked up Guan Ling and looked at the right and looked at it. I was afraid that the high-quality students in this city would be broken. 

    Guan Ling just did a bad thing and smiled blushingly, even saying nothing, looked up at Gao Cuilan, blushing red eyes, apricot eyes water, eyebrows are full of spring, with a look of care, but the look is slightly infertile. 

    Seeing the ambition of the horse, the trousers propped up the tent of the old high, and there was a lot of worry in his heart. Does Gao Cuilan know that he was sleeping intentionally. 

    “Nothing, let’s go.” Gao Cuilan helped Guan Ling. 

    “Hurry up behind! What are you doing?” The conductor couldn’t help but shouted. 

    Gao Cuilan walked to the door of the car in two steps. A pair of apricot eyes glared at the ticket seller. “Is it sad! Didn’t you see someone fall? I can tell you the little six sons. This is the new doctor of the village, the high school student in Yubei City. What are you waiting for? Have you read the book?” 

    Guan Ling glared at his crotch and walked over with his luggage. Then he discovered that Gao Cuilan was so hot, listening to her touting herself in so many people. I am a little embarrassed.

    The squint-stricken ticket seller smiled slyly, and the thief’s eyes were all in the high-green cloakroom. “No…have not seen it yet.” 

    Gao Cuilan knows that his softness is empty, sensitive and swayed by Guan Ling. High, it must be opened as soon as possible. Now it is just a squint of a small six son, cold and cold, pulling Guan Ling hurriedly got out of the car. 

    The car is soaring away from the dust. Guan Ling’s eyes are in the green hills and green paddy fields. The fields are green and oily, and the lush green trees around the trees are lush and lush. 

    “How? Didn’t you come to this country? Let’s go, there are still some roads away from the village.” Gao Cuilan put on a smile on face of Guan Ling, and said nothing about Guan Ling’s salute. The front. 

    All the way to Baolin Village, Gao Cuilan all the way to Guan Ling introduced. 

    Guan Ling knows that this piece of land is a woman’s credit. Since the men went out to work, the women in the village have taken up the farm work in the field, but the farmer woman is not as good as the man, the field is reduced day by day, and the men are back. The number of homes also seems to decrease with the day. 

    “Hey, I have seen the world of flowers and flowers. Who is willing to go back to this backcountry? Many men will not come back when they go. You said that the woman in this city is the same as ours, so I can’t help the man’s heart. Is it difficult for them to open two mouths underneath, can they serve men more comfortably?” 

    Gao Cuilan said, and then he found that Guan Ling’s side was stunned and couldn’t help but cover his mouth and put down the baggage road. Guan Guan, I am going to a small solution, you wait first.” 

    Before waiting for Guan Ling to speak, Gao Cuilan walked toward a low bush. 

    Guan Ling didn’t think that Gao Cuilan was so hot, he looked down his luggage and looked up. Gao Cuilan didn’t walk far away from him. He hurriedly untied his pants and smashed down. The uneven low bushes could be vaguely I saw the golden buttocks of Gao Cuilan.

    What Ling Guan didn’t expect was that Gao Cuilan suddenly moved the position. This Guan Ling can almost clearly see the mysterious place of Gao Cuilan… I want to talk to more like-minded people about “The Hot Doctor” WeChat pays attention to “hot text or” and chats with more books.

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