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Little Doctor Chapter 1

Sitting on a long-distance bus bound for Baolin Village, Guan Ling feels like a pool of stagnant water. 

    Although the place in Baolin Village is a woman’s village, there are big girls and widows everywhere. They can be assigned to such places as high school students in medical school. His heart is still very wrong. 

    “Hey!” After the brakes in front, a beautiful young woman came up and sat down next to Guan Ling. 

    The young woman took her hair and exposed her white neck with a little crow’s feet. Her nose was high and her eyes were upturned. 

    The upper body is wearing a large floral short-sleeved dress, and the lower body is wearing a small flower skirt. Although it is more rustic, the face is a pretty young woman with a charm. 

    The car was driving for a while, maybe the journey was too boring, the young woman took the initiative to talk: “You are not here?” 

    Guan Ling looked at the woman carefully and found that the young woman had a trace of femininity and looked very It is a seductive eye, smiles and smiles: “No, I am from Yubei City.” 

    “Hey, people in big cities.” The young woman smiled and hugged her hands in front of her clothes, and asked the towering towering eyes, deep smiles: “Come. What about this backcountry?” 

    “I just graduated from medical school and was assigned to the Baolin Village Health Center.” Guan Ling only momentarily glanced at the two groups of women holding the towering, my heart is dark, this woman The amount of human flesh is twice that of the average person. 

    The young woman opened her smile and even embraced Guan Ling’s arm enthusiastically: “You are the tallest student from the city! I listened to my family’s mouth and said that there is a high school student in the village to give us a village. When people see a doctor, I don’t believe it. When he is awkward, he is true.” 

    Guan Ling’s arm leaned against her softness, and his heart jumped wildly: “Big sister, are you in Baolin Village?” The 

    young woman smiled and swayed. “That’s not it. My family’s mouth is the village head of Baolin Village. Although we are far away, the poor are poor, but the scenery is good, the girls are also very good. Who knows our Baolin Village? Shantou is the most human.”

    The young woman kept talking, and suddenly she remembered introducing herself. “My name is Gao Cuilan, you will call me my sister.” 

    Guan Ling nodded, and Gao Cuilan was only in his thirties. He also introduced himself, “Gao Jie, My name is Guan Ling.” 

    “The sister will call you a doctor later. Right! The doctor has no object, please don’t ask your sister to find one in our village, keep your satisfaction.” Gao Cuilan’s face is slightly Said to Guan Ling in a playful manner. 

    After several years of hard work, love has become the pain of Guan Ling, and Guan Ling has to smile. 

    The two chatted all the way. Guan Ling knew the general situation of Baolin Village in general. Baolin Village is a small village under the jurisdiction of Pingxing County of Yongxing County. It has a population of more than 100 households. In recent years, men have gone out to work, and the village has left behind. Not old is small, of course, the most is still a woman. 

    The two chatted and chatted, the sun was getting west, the car was dull and boring, Guan Ling unknowingly fell asleep on the window, I don’t know how long it took, Guan Ling woke up. come. 

    Guan Ling, who was a little dizzy in his mind, felt that his own window was suddenly softened. He blinked and saw where the scenery was in the sky. It was clearly the soft and towering thing in front of Gao Cuilan. 

    Guan Ling immediately understood that he fell to Gao Cuilan when he fell asleep. 

    At this moment, the ignorant drowsiness has completely dissipated, and the head rests on the softness of Gao Cuilan. I don’t know what to do. Fortunately, the two are sitting in the last row, no one else can see. 

    Guan Ling continued to sleep for a while and found that Gao Cuilan did not move. He secretly speculated that Gao Cuilan should also be asleep. Looking at the softness in front of him, he could not help but sigh. 


    With the scorn of Gao Cuilan’s nose, Guan Ling suddenly found a small thing in front of his eyes. 

    Guan Ling fixed his eyes and saw the music in his heart. The original Gao Cuilan actually only wore a thin outer shirt, which turned out to be vacuum.

    The hot air that Chang Guanping exhaled directly blown the sensitivity of Gao Cuilan, she gave out the scorn, and her mature sensitivity also reacted under the heat… I want to talk with more like-minded people. “Hot Little Doctor”, WeChat pays attention to “hot text or” and chat with more books.

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