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Legend of Yunxi 芸汐传 (2018)

Legend of Yunxi (2018)
Also known as:  芸汐传 / Legend of Yun Xi / Tian Xia Xiao Du Fei / Yun Xi Zhuan / ตำนานหยุนซี

Genres: Chinese Drama, Drama, Romance, Action
Episodes: 48
Country: China Mainland
Director: Lin Jianlong
Release Date: Jun 25, 2018
Related Show:  Based on the novel by Jie Mo


  • Ju Jing Yi as Han Yun Xi
  • Zhang Zhe Han as Long Fei Ye
  • Yalkun Merxat as Gu Qi Shao
  • Hu Bing as Tian Hui Di
  • Lin Si Yi as Ouyang Ning Jing
  • Xu Jia Qi as Chu Qing Ge
  • Kiku Ju
  • Sissy Lin
  • Wang Youshuo
  • Hu Bing
  • Kiki Xu
  • Coco Shao
  • Liu Jiongran
  • Xie Leilei
  • Zhao Yixin
  • Lu Xingyu
  • Yu Bo
  • Sun Zihang

Han Yun Xi is the daughter of an imperial physician who lost her mother when young, but maintains a cheerful and optimistic disposition. Yun Xi is naturally talented in medical science and proficient in traditional medicine, but suffers from the jealousy and avoidance of others. By a stroke of fate, she marries the Duke of Qin, Long Fei Ye, and becomes embroiled in the changing politics of the imperial court. Yun Xirelies on her high-level medical skills, wise, far-sighted brain, and compassionate heart to expel the poisons of a great official, get rid of secret agents for the Duke of Qin, eliminate the plague for the common citizens, and cure the crown prince’s strange illness. 

Yun Xi’s kindness as a doctor not only earns her the appreciation of the masses, but helps the Duke of Qin overcome many nefarious plots, including the rebellion of the Chu siblings. After a series of unfortunate accidents, her medical skills grow even more unparalleled and she even gains the admiration and adoration of the Duke of Qin. Both of them take fame lightly in favor of digging into the medical field. In the end, they leave the clamor of court intrigue behind them and go in seclusion in the mountains, living a happy life free from worldly cares.


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