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KO One 5: Re-Call 終極一班5 (2018)

KO One 5
Also known as:  終極一班5 / KO ONE: RE-CALL / The ultimate class 5 / Zhong Ji Yi Ban 5

Genres: Idol drama , school, science fiction, fantasy, love
Episodes: 60
Country: Taiwan
Director: Ke Zhengming
Network: Youku, GTV
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2018
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  • Evan Ma as Lan Si Luo 藍斯洛
  • Sylvia Wang as Qiu Qiu 裘球
  • Jiang Rui Ze (蒋蕊泽) as Tai Yang 太陽
  • Jin Zhong Xi (金中西) as Xiao Hu 小虎
  • Chen Shi Min (陳詩敏) as Tong Tong 童桐
  • Lucia Chen as Xiao Ba 小八
  • Xu Ming Jie as Bi Ling 筆靈
  • Sunnee Yang as Lan Si Chun 藍斯春
  • Win (SpeXial-風田) as Shen Mi 榊覔
  • Zhang Hao Ming as Jin Bao San 金寶三
  • Na Wei Xun as Hei Long 黑龍
  • Calvin Chen as Wang Ya Se 王亞瑟
  • Bernice Tsai as Cai Wu Xiong 蔡五熊
  • Luo Hong Zheng as Gu Zhan 辜戰
  • Huang Wei Jin as Zhi Ge 止戈

The drama’s sequence of events is a month after a class of 4, iron space-time almighty and demon respect the war continues. At the same time in the golden space-time, a storm of time and space cracks, the ultimate veteran was engulfed in darkness, guilty of being seriously injured, leaving the self-blame Qiuqiu, falling apart the ultimate class, opened the golden age of melee. Legendary King Arthur returned to the new leader, determined to lead the ultimate one class test college. Cold commander Blue Slough, the history of the weakest high school tiger, crazy management out of prison Wan Ssangyong, bloody battle for the new boss of the position, re-opened the armed ruling, behind the scenes black hand picked masks, capable forces will wash soon brand. (Note: The story of this drama is set before the Three Kingdoms 2017, so the show’s role is only before Going Silver Time …). cr. wikipedia

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