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Blood Youth 少年盾 (2019)

Blood Youth 少年盾 (2019)
Also known as: 少年盾 / Shàonián dùn / Shao Nian Dun / Young Shield

Genres: Crime, School, Youth
China Mainland
Han Qing
Xia Lei
Zhejiang Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite
Release Date:
June 14, 2019
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  • Jiang Chao as Lu Hao
  • Crystal Yuan as Shen Xiao Tong
  • Zhao Shun Ran as Ling Zhi Peng
  • Zhang Jun Ming as Du Huan Yu
  • Liu Min Tao
  • Ren Cheng Wei


A story that follows Lu Hao, a post-90s young man who overcomes many obstacles to reach his dream of becoming a police officer.

Lu Hao signed up for police school at the encouragement of his mom. With the beautiful Shen Xiaotong as his classmate, he falls in love. A year later, Lu Hao realizes that school has become a major part of his life. He is the top of his class and the cause of jealousy for his dormmate Ling Zhipeng.

In order to prove himself to be the better man, Ling Zhipeng breaks the rules during driving class, totalling his car and getting himself injured to the point that he was forced to quit school. Lu Hao feels bad because of what happened and decides to quit as well. However, news of Teacher Li’s death spreads and in their mourning, Lu Hao and Ling Zhipeng bury the hatchet.

As a police cadet, Lu Hao is assigned to a remote village. On his way back to the city to attend his graduation rites, Lu Hao and his superior get into a shootout with criminals. It becomes the ultimate test of his bravery and the time for him to prove that he is worthy to be called a cop. Source:

Episodes Lists:
Episodes 1
Episodes 2
Episodes 3
Episodes 4
Episodes 5
Episodes 6
Episodes 7
Episodes 8
Episodes 9

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