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Like A Flowing River Season 2 大江大河2 (2019)

Like A Flowing River Season 2 大江大河2 (2019)
Also known as: 大江大河 / Da Jiang Da HeGoo (2019)

Genres: period, metropolitan, business
China Mainland
Kong Sheng, Huang Wei (黄伟)
Yuan Ke Ping (袁克平)
Dragon TV
Release Date:
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  • Wang Kai as Song Yunhui
  • Yang Shuo (杨烁) as Lei Dongbao
  • Dong Zi Jian (董子健) as Yang Xun
  • Jin Chen as Liang Sishen
  • Zhao Yun Zhuo (赵蕴卓) as teen Liang Sishen
  • Tong Yao as Song Yunping
  • Yang Li Xin as Party Secretary Shui
  • Zhou Fang as Cheng Kaiyan
  • Zhao Yang as Yu Shanqing
  • Wang Hong as Lei Tugen
  • Wang Yong Quan as ex-Party Secretary

Song Yun Hui (Wang Kai) is a smart lad who was often discriminated against due to his background (his father worked as a doctor for the Kuomintang), but took advantage of the reinstitution of the university entrance exams. He starts working at a state-owned enterprise and slowly climbed his way to the top (including by marrying the factory owner’s daughter), but began to lose himself in the changing times. His brother-in-law Lei Dong Bao (Yang Shuo) comes from a rural village, and is always the first to respond to the latest trends in farming. He spearheaded village projects from setting up electricity to building factories, but is often set back by his short-sightedness and impulses. From roaming the streets to sell bread to running a successful private company, Yang Xun (Dong Zi Jian) had to fight tooth and nail to where he is. The rapid growth of science and technology eventually allowed him to become part of China’s first group of successful entrepreneurs. However, even as he’s reached the upper echelons of society, Yang Xun still plays by street rules, causing major rifts between him and his business partner. Source by Cfensi

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