Kun Lun 昆仑归 (2019)

Kun Lun 昆仑归 (2019)
Also known as: 昆仑归 / Kun Lun Gui

Genres: Science fiction
China Mainland
Lv Hao Ji Ji (侣皓吉吉)
Hai Yan (海岩)
Release Date:
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  • Zhao Hua Wei as Hong Ye
  • Wang Chu Ran as Ling Kong
  • Kuang Yu Ting as Liu Xing
  • Yang He Wen as Gu Shui
  • Li Cai Hua as Ling Jingwei
  • Zhu Yong Teng as Liang Mengtian

Hong Ye is a genius manhua artist, and his inspirations originate from the fantasy realm. In his imagination and dreams, he explored many places. Ling Kong is an eighteen year old girl with with supernatural powers. Their lives begin to intersect, and they work together to fight against aliens invading the earth.

Episodes Lists:
Episodes 1
Episodes 2
Episodes 3
Episodes 4
Episodes 5
Episodes 6
Episodes 7
Episodes 8
Episodes 9
Episodes 10


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