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Final Life ファイナルライフ-明日、君が消えても (2017)

Final Life (2017)
Also known as: イ ナ ル ラ イ フ フ – ain /、 君 が 消 消 て も / Ra Ra / ชีวิตสุดท้าย

Genre: Detective, Investigation, Mystery, Psychological
Episode: 12
Network: Amazon Prime (Amazon Ram)
Date: Sep 8, 2017 to Nov 24, 2017


  • Matsuda Shota plays Kawakubo Ryo
  • Lee Taemin plays the role of Song Shi On
  • Takimoto Miori plays as Ayatsuji Kana
  • Totsugi Shigeyuki plays as Asada Takuto
  • Aikawa Sho plays the role of Honda Kenichi
  • Nonami Maho as Kano Risa

Kawakubo Ryo is a detective on a special team. When he was a child, he lived through a difficult time. He lived in poverty and his mother’s negligence led to his younger sibling’s death. His mother went missing and he has been looking for her. Song Shi-On is a smart guy. He graduated from a top medical school in the United States. He happily spends time with his girlfriend, but an experiment on his brain causes him to lose his memory.


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