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On Children 你的孩子不是你的孩子 (2018)

Ni De Hai Zi Bu Shi Ni De Hai Zi
Also known as:  你的孩子不是你的孩子 / Ni De Hai Zi Bu Shi Ni De Hai Zi / Your Child Is Not Your Child / Must Move / Dein Kind Ist Nicht Dein Kind / Your Children Are Not Your Children / Ni De Haizi Bushi Ni De Haizi / 你的孩子不是你的孩子-必須過動

Genres: Drama, Drama, Sci-Fi, Family, Fantasy
Episodes: 5
Country: Taiwan
Director: Chen Wei Ling
Writer: Chen Wei Ling
Release Date: Jul 7, 2018 – Aug 4, 2018
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  • Kelly Ko as Chen Shu Li (Ep.1 – Mother’s Remote)
  • Tzu Chuan Liu as Chi Pei-Wei (Ep.1 – Mother’s Remote)
  • Xin Ling Zhong as Mrs. Zhong (Ep.2 – Child of the Cat)
  • Hsiu Fu Liu as Zhong Kuo Yen (Ep.2 – Child of the Cat)
  • Xin Yin as Mrs. Lin (Ep.3 – The Last Day of Molly)
  • Gingle Wang as Lin Molly (Ep.3)

These uncanny tales reveal a world where individuals face the tragic consequences of social pressure, parental oppression and family dysfunction. Hostage by test scores. Tyrannized by motherly attention. Their lives are no longer their own — and they must measure up. Source by Netflix

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