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My True Friend Episode 9

Muyun Ping to Shao Peng orange to review their own negligence Wood care of his son, thank Cheng Barbara help, willing to compensate Barbara drugs. The police station of the police station asked Mr. Mu to go to the transcript. The orange made him really ask him, he really went home, really refused, orange heart soft, or picked up the truth, personally sent her home. At this point, orderly carefully selected tie, ready for appointments.

On the way home, I really feel that the sign of love and home property is very attractive, and even today, Mumu recognizes that the orange work clothes are the clothes of Mumu Dad, and the wood can be saved. Really suggest that using the company’s logo can do something practical for children, which will help expand the company’s reputation. The orange is praised and the real head is opened. The oranges are really true, and the two play along the way, and the orange finally sends the truth home.

The oranges really poured a cup of drink, and I really received a call from Hao Mei , only to know that Beauty has sold the house of Bai Ayi . I feel that there is something wrong with the beautiful character. I shouldn’t call it to show it. Really think that the white aunt’s room was sold, some regret. The oranges comforted the truth. In the real estate transaction of Bai Ayi, they persuaded Bai Ayi to agree to sell the house. This is already a success. I really feel that in this matter, the orange is very hard, and his credit is bigger than himself. It’s a pity that I’m not willing to let the white aunt’s son go abroad. Really suddenly remembered a date with the well. Really open the information, only to see the message of the well, and waited for a long time, send a message to ask the truth, still come to the appointment? Really see the expression of the information, let the orange feel something. Really feel tired today, orange will go home, he recalled on the road to really wear a dress out of the fitting room, my heart is very sweet.

Really wait for the orange to leave, return the information to the well, explain that today’s event suddenly, did not have time to inform the well, let him wait. I am very understanding of the real accident, and care about the true health, so really touched.
I didn’t see the sincerity, and brought some disappointment. When I got home, Bai Ayi was still sitting on the swing in the garden. The mother and the son were happy. The white aunt said that it was cold outside, and it would refuse to be thousands of miles away. She regretted not taking care of her childhood well, thinking that the child was under such heavy pressure and now becomes very silent. I admitted that I was very cold, but I felt that my mother was already the best mother since my father died. He just doesn’t express his mouth, and he still recognizes his mother.

Aunt Bai feels that her house has sold Hao Mei, I am sorry for the truth and orange, I want to see the truth. I went to see my mother with my mother. Bai Ayi asked me to come back late yesterday, whether to go on a date. Well, he said that his friend had something to do, and he could not go to the appointment. Aunt Bai feels that it is still true and reliable. Well, if the mother wants to say that he is true to him, he will not accompany his mother to the real home. The white aunt immediately stopped, and the two came to the real home. They saw the truth and crutches, and asked the reason.

The truth was just a twist. Really seeing the truth, talking about the loss of the contract, and comforting her, leaving some thoughts very good, looking forward to the next meeting. Bai Ayi thanked the true and orange care and dedication. Please really transfer it to the orange sweater. The white aunt gave the husband a necklace from the outside and gave it to the real. It really felt too expensive and didn’t dare to accept it. Well, I explained that this was my father’s previous return from the outside. It was not too expensive. I really accepted it. When Bai Ayi gave it to me, please help me. Aunt Bai feels that the real home is very neat and tidy, and it is unreasonable to find out that it is alumni.

After Ai Wen and Bill misunderstood the discourse, there was a dispute. After Bill fell to the ground, Ai Wen thought that Bill was dead. The manager left behind the meeting and reminded him not to regard the righteousness as a performance. At the end of the month, he and his true performance were still zero. Ai Wen was scared to run away from school and felt sorry for her parents on the court. Orange called Mr. Yang to ask about buying a house and learned that Ai Wen had an accident. I helped the orange to find Ai Wen and met Ai Wen on the basketball court.

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