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My True Friend Episode 8

White aunt has been orderly in front of said path Barbara advantages, have been able to talk frankly only orderly girl, white aunt thought orderly comfort her, encourage orderly acquaintances.

In the evening, Mr. Jin called Hao Mei to see a better room and told the beautiful house of the Golden House Tibetan Mastiff . The smart beauty told Jin that he could get to know Kim, only want to make a single room, no Male and female love. Then, I also said that if Jin can not buy a beautiful house, Mei will lose his job. This time, Jin always loses the good mood of love. After Kim promised to help her complete the performance, he proposed to gradually get along with each other. Beautiful said that Kim can always buy a house, that is, her benefactor, promised to be a friend of Jin. Kim always said that the beautiful IQ is higher than his wife. Because of the power of his wife, Kim always spits water and dares not to provoke her.

Shao Yong Orange used the anonymity to communicate with the true truth. He was really stunned by the truth. He told the truth on the Internet and returned to Shanghai. He really sent the message to Jing Ran to the orange, and the orange came to disturb the truth. The well-connected, really can only pull the orange WeChat black. Truly turned to explain to the well, just sent the information of rejecting friends to him. Aunt Bai feels that the children she knows online are not reliable, or that Cheng Zhenzhen is very good.

I am sure to ask for a meeting on the Internet, and I am willing to wait for the truth to handle the work and then reply. Really suddenly lost. I really couldn’t help but recall that I sent her white sneakers, and I really wrapped the wounds, and praised the beauty and true dance. Really want to confess to the well, sincerely, she is the real agent of this property.

Really engrossed in listening to the well-played violin, orange suddenly came to her, really unconscious, was shocked by him. Why do you want to blacken him last night? Really said that he was upset, and that the orange cares about what the real dinner is, really replying to the evening.

Beautiful with a big stick of flowers came to the white aunt’s house, wanting to talk about selling things, Bai Ayi said straightforwardly, do not want to sell the house to people like Kim. Hao Mei asked if Aunt Bai definitely sold the house, and Bai Ayi was very sure that he wanted to sell the house. Beautiful and very happy to leave flowers to the white aunt, turned and left.

Beautiful about the golden three, I learned that Mrs. Jin’s wife went to Anna’s private club every Wednesday. She arrived at Anna’s private club on time and found Mrs. Jin’s wife. She said that Kim had bought a suite and asked her to sign the contract in the afternoon.

At noon, I sneaked in the truth at noon. I felt that she was reluctant to eat meat at ordinary times. It was very strange to go to the clothes at noon. The salesperson introduced a youthful and graceful dress to Zhenzhen. When it was really replaced with a new clothes, the orange was shocked when he walked out of the fitting room. The salesperson came forward and praised the orange for the beauty and beauty. Tracking is really discovered.

Mu’s son, Mumu, was taken to the supermarket by the nanny. He didn’t want to get along with the babysitter. He really wanted his mother to accompany him to the supermarket. When a trafficker noticed the wood, he went up to the wood and complained. Mumu complained that it was a babysitter. He was not allowed to eat chocolate, drink cola, take a nap, and the trafficker lied that he was a good friend of Mumu. Simple Mumu said that his father said that his mother was ill, Mumu wanted to see his mother. The aunt took the wood to the female bathroom. Mumu protested not to stay in the female bathroom. The aunt dressed the wood into a girl and a skirt. With fake long hair, Mumu instantly becomes a little girl. When the trafficker left with wood, Mumu had been crying.

Orange persuaded to really put on the coat, Mumu said that Dad’s did not let him go with strangers. It’s really between orange and orange. Going up and asking the situation, do you think it is a son? Obviously wearing the girl’s clothes, asking the name of the trafficker child, what is his mother’s name? The trafficker can’t answer all of them. I really realized that the aunt was a trafficker. The trafficker picked up the wooden wood and ran. He really caught up and chased it. When he fell to the ground, he hugged the wood. The trafficker was also caught by the orange and the crowd.
On the way, the landlord’s staff came to give the white aunt a home appliance, and the beautiful wife of Jin’s family went to the white aunt’s house to see the house again. Mrs. Kim is very satisfied with the white aunt’s house. It is beautiful to say that Bai Ayi is not willing to sell the house to Xiaosan. Now she brings Mrs. Jin, and after a while, the lady is buying a house and persuaded the white aunt to agree to sell the house. Bai Ayi really admire the beauty can be done like this, Jin always took the small three to come to sign the contract, beautiful and busy to explain to Mrs. Jin that Jin always sincerely bought a house, even the company’s finances also brought. Mrs. Jin asked Jin Zong, why did he suddenly buy a house, did he do something wrong? Kim always shouted. After Mrs. Jin’s jokes, she directly asked for beauty and finance to buy a house. Beautiful in front of the store manager, straight out of bitter water, spend enough energy, the white aunt’s room was finally sold out, full of sense of beauty makes Fu Xiaoning to call her sister.

In the hospital, Orange blamed Mu Yunping for not taking care of the family. Mu Baiping explained that after the divorce in the previous year, Mumu lived with him, the child was small, and Mu was impatient and promised to take good care of his son. And compensation for real medical expenses. I really feel that I have no credit, but I am smart, I can recognize the sign of love and home, and the police station of the police station asks Mr. Mu to do the transcript.

I really asked the way Orange and Mu always talked. The orange makes him really ask him, and the orange is really home. On the way, I’m so careful, I’m so careful that her legs won’t work for a while, and the work can’t be left for him. Really think that the logo of love and home makes Mumu salvation, she wants to do something for the child, and the orange feels really the head of the cypress. I really felt that I was saving my eyes and I was quick, and I felt that when she saved people, she also hurt herself.

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