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My True Friend Episode 6

Aunt Li came to buy a house from Cheng Zhenzhen and Shao Yong Orange . It was really orange to take her to the white aunt’s house. The two aunts met and praised their son. The white aunt’s son won the design award. Aunt Li said that his son won the prize in primary school. Aunt Bai feels that she will win the prize in elementary school and will be as good as his son in the future. White is the son of the owner asked Aunt orderly , to be with his son on the phone. On the phone, I agreed to fly back to China the next day to go through the formalities. Bai Ayi said that he had to pay a deposit of 100,000 yuan to buy a house. Li Ayi said that he did not bring cash when he came, and he will bring a deposit tomorrow.

The next day, Aunt Li came to the garden shop with a bundle of cash, and everyone felt a little different. Hao Meimei saw Li Ayi say that Li Ayi’s son died and ridiculed that Cheng Zhenzhen sold the house to a madman. After being heard by Li Ayi, she was greatly stimulated and went crazy to accidentally hurt Hao Mei’s face. A mess. Hao Meimei said that Li Ayi was a famous madman nearby. Her son died when she was in elementary school. She was mad after being stimulated and went to see her house to buy a house every day. Orange asked the beauty, why didn’t you say it earlier, Beauty said that I didn’t know how to sell it to her before, and today I went to the store to pay the money, and I learned that it was for Aunt Li. The aunt who was called back to China by the white aunt was furious. Both sales have met people who are not reliable. Mr. Li’s husband turned to the street and found that Aunt Li was gone. He could only see people along the way and asked if he saw Aunt Li. Although the orange was very angry, after learning about Aunt Li’s experience, she deeply sympathized with her and gave Li Ayi a house purchase agreement and handed Aunt Li to her husband. The orange gave her hope, and she bought the school district room for her son. Auntie walked home with her wife with gratitude. Looking at their backs, it seems that they are thoughtful.

When I chatted with the true orange, I really received the message: Please don’t harass my mother. Orange asked who really sent the message, Orange picked up the real phone, and called back to Jing Ran, and asked why he left his mother to live alone in the country, and he himself fell abroad. Orange anger said to me: I have feelings than you, knowing what is home. Hang up the phone, blame the orange for the truth, why is there such a bottom line? Has been seen as harassment, do not continue. Truly explain that it is really a painful white aunt. Orange feels that it is really doing this. It is considered to be harassment. This is a dead skin. It’s really bad mood. When I get home, I sum up the day’s gains and losses, and I’m on the Internet, and I’m really encouraging.

The anger of the orange on the well makes him feel that he should accompany his mother. He came to the mother and asked her what she often did when she was at home. Aunt Bai said that playing the piano, I explained that I went to the store and bought clothes for my mother. Aunt Bai feels that her clothes are enough.
After the love and home real estate company learned about the house of Bai Ayi, the company assistant Mu Baiping and the shop manager Zeng Huimin came to the white aunt’s house and went to the door to express their condolences to the aunt. On the spot, Mu Baiping explained to the company that the company would Taking care of all the losses, the garden manager personally took over the disposal of the white aunt’s property. The white aunt who heard this immediately asked the store manager not to change the true and orange. It’s hard to understand, Bai Ayi let it go to the garden, looking at the clean and tidy garden, the blooming flowers, which are the fruits of the true oranges. Aunt Bai said that she lived alone in such a big house. She was very lonely. Two young people often came to work with Bai Ayi, talking and laughing, not letting her bored. Really young and orange, the ability is almost the same, young people are like this. Bai Ayi asked well, did he come over like this? Aunt Bai did not want to be angry.

Don’t be careful, don’t take the language to attack others. The orange finally picked up the phone and called Mr. Huang, who registered the room, saying that there was a school district in the banyan tree. If he wanted it, he could see the house tomorrow. Mr. Huang was ecstatic and immediately encouraged Xiao Aiwen, the son of his homework, to cheer for the key schools! Xiao Aiwen is very upset, ask her mother, can finish the homework, can I go out to play? At dinner, Mr. Huang said to Xiao Awen: Give him an English class and go to a key school right away! Mrs. Huang said that her husband had arranged it in disorder. She reported to Ai Wen a calligraphy class. When the two adults were not arguing, they asked Ai Wen what class they wanted to read. Ai Wen wants to play basketball. Mr. Huang said that he plays basketball and has no food to eat in the future. When my grandfather came to the garden shop, Fu Xiaoning asked if she was not waiting to see him at Shaohao Orange, so she did not come, and deliberately said to her grandfather that there were several good houses, and she would be proud of her grandfather and grandfather. The room professional, with him gone. The two went to the street food stall to have something to eat, and Xiaoning and Zuer’s set were close.

True and orange saw the parents so excited for the school district, lamenting the child suffering. White aunt calls me to really eat with oranges. I really promised to go after work. I really asked orange, what color clothes I wear. True oranges and well-being, white aunts to eat together, Bai Ayi said that fried crabs are the most favorite.
Hao Meimei saw someone looking for orange to buy a white aunt’s room, and also introduced a big customer to see the white house. Hao Mei came forward to say who to sell, decided by Bai Ayi, who is willing to sell, and who to sell.

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