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My True Friend Episode 4

White aunt to drive Barbara is very satisfied with the service, the two conversations reveal love for each other. Just two people talking in the process, Shao Peng orange with Luo Joey appeared together at the doorstep white aunt, for sudden customer, white aunt bittersweet. After Luo Zuer appeared in the aunt’s house, Bai Ayi was very dissatisfied with Luo Zuer’s performance and did not want to sell the house to her. But when the white aunt’s son called the aunt, Luo Zuer easily bought the house.

Hao Meimei was worried about the sale of the white aunt’s house, and determined that Shao Yong Orange was acting as a small white face, which solved the problem. And warned his colleague Fu Xiaoning that he could not sell his body any more, and the two of them made irresponsible remarks about Shao Yong’s purchase of a house.
In the evening, Shao Yong Orange and Cheng Zhenzhen came to the customer’s home together and wanted to know if there was a child in the room. Shao Yong, who loves to play, is guilty of bullying. It’s really scary to be scared. Then there was a strange voice in the room, which made Shao Xiao Orange worry, and then the source of the crying of the child was actually the squid.

When the client’s mother knows that there is not a ghost in the house, but a few squid reasons, she plans to cancel the idea of ​​checking out. Just when a few people talk about it, a neighbor yells at everyone, so that everyone does not disturb the people. The movement. Truthfully said that I would pay attention, then the neighbors impatiently told them that they were tenants. It was because of the neighbor’s words that the client found himself deceived by the son-in-law and intended to break up the daughter and the son-in-law. The unscrupulous son-in-law had to follow the orders of her mother-in-law and leave her girlfriend.

Shao Yong Orange is not willing to let his clients have a tragedy because of a house, they will try their best to solve the problem for the two. Cheng Zhenzhen first called the landlord of the house and told the landlord about the status quo of the client. The landlord was a reasonable figure who did not think about it, but stood in the customer’s situation to help him find a solution.

After the customer’s business has turned around, Cheng Zhenzhen and Shao Yong Orange will ask the aunt to go to the store. He also said that the house has a solution. As long as the son-in-law will pay off 500,000 in three years, the other money will be used as a mortgage. Finished. In order to make long-term plans, Auntie heard that half of the house’s loan had her daughter’s wallet, and she was even more reluctant to marry her daughter. However, the daughter told her mother that she had been pregnant for two months. At this time, the mother knew that the raw rice had been cooked and cooked, and she refused to do it. But for the sake of her daughter and her grandson, she refused to buy a house, but agreed to marry the two. The truth.

Zeng Huimin was very satisfied with the performance of both the true and the orange, although they did not give the two people processing, but they were full of praise.
Aunt Bai Yaru was quite dissatisfied with the house for decades. He told Luo Zuer that the house was not prosperous. Anyone who lived here had no good emotional life. After hearing the words of Bai Ayi, Luo Zuer heard it. Leave the desert and leave. Then he warned his mother that no matter who is looking for himself tomorrow, he must say that he is not there, and this is to give the mother a vaccination, for fear that the orange will go home and sign the contract.

On the second day, true and orange appeared on the doorstep of Bai Ayi on time. It was only after I discovered that Bai Ayi was a well-behaved mother. Once again, I saw the truth of the well, and my heart was happy.

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