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My True Friend Episode 3

Cheng Zhenzhen isvery admired for the survey of Shao Yong Orange , and he believes that he is immersed in hard work. But Orange is laughing at her. This kind of thing is just common sense. Anyone with a little brain can answer it. This makes Cheng Zhenzhen very angry.

Cheng Zhenzhen met a Liu Aunt in the drinks shop, and Liu Ayi let him really look at the room with himself. Really mistakenly believe that the sky fell off the pie, it was easy to meet the customer, the first time to tell Shao Yong orange. At this time, Shao Yong Orange will affect the progress of the game and falsely claim that his father was sick and went to the hospital. He couldn’t go to see the house with the customer. Cheng Zhenzhen, who is reasonable, let Shao Lan Orange take care of his father and solve the rest of the incident.

When Zeng Huimin saw the flyer of his company in the trash can, he gave Shao Xiao Orange a big meal. Really know that orange is a bitter, take this mistake on yourself. But Zeng Huimin said that there is a sales code on each leaflet, and the truth is known once. Shao Yong Orange is worried that things will be revealed and there is nothing to say. Later, Zeng Huimin said that the two people had nothing to do during their work. If they didn’t want to work seriously and were misunderstood, they told the manager of their day’s work.

I really said that I was looking at the room with Liu Ayi, saying that Aunt Liu will sign the contract tomorrow. Zeng Huimin ridiculed Liu Ayi to deceive the truth. Liu Ayi first valued the house and then rented the landlord himself. This also requires mediation. Really, I realized that I was deceived by myself. Hao Mei and others ridiculed that it was a rookie. It’s really hard to say anything at this time, and I ’m not refusing colleagues.

A customer came to the Love and Home Real Estate Sales Company to make a complaint and asked the store manager to check out. At first, the store manager didn’t understand what the customer said, and he talked to her. I realized that the client’s son-in-law bought a house here to treat her daughter as a marriage room. However, during the cleaning of the house, I heard the crying of the child repeatedly and decided that it was unlucky to check out. Then the client’s son-in-law came to discuss with the real Shao Shao Orange, and told them the truth. He said that he did not buy a house in the company, but rented a house. It is because the mother of the girlfriend sees that she is a foreigner, and she can only lie to buy this house and wait for the money to buy a house. When Shao Yong Orange and others understand his difficulties, they are not saying anything more.

After Yang Zhenzhen came to work with Shao Yong Orange, he worked everywhere and hit the wall. The two worked for a period of time or no customers, Hao Meimei “good heart” to introduce customers to Yang Zhenzhen, but Shao Yong Orange believes that there is no free lunch under the sun, and Cheng Zhenzhen does not accept the help of others. Yang Zhenzhen did not agree with Shao Yong’s statement that Shao Yong’s orange was “it was too good to have a meal” and inadvertently hurt both individuals.

Zeng Huimin knew that Hao Meimei was a man and called her to the office. At the beginning, Zeng Huimin did not know her, but divided her work performance over the years. Although in the store, Hao Meimei’s performance is the best, but it is also the most complaints. Many of the internal reasons are that Hao Meimei believes that the customer will not buy a house in her hand, and she will not send the customer to the other party. This time, Bai Ayi ’s affairs, Hao Meimei did not send Bai Ayi away, but turned her to true. For this move, Zeng Huimin pointed out that Mulberry’s “praise” her. Hao Mei heard the manager’s words and had a big fight with the store manager. Hao Meimei insisted that if she could sell the white aunt’s house, she would see the ghost, and this sentence was just heard by the whole company. Let Hao beautiful be self-confident.

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