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My True Friend Episode 12

He learned that his mother’s illness orderly departure from the conference room, he returned home in time to see his mother at the mobile phone recording. Aunt Bai worried that her condition was getting worse and worse, and she worried that she would forget a lot of things. She recorded everything about it, and she looked at it with tears.

In the garden shop, Cheng Zhen really had a lot of troubles. Shao Yong Orange asked her what happened, and told him the condition of Bai Ayi. And Shao Yong Orange said with a straightforward voice that it was all too busy to work with too few white aunts. Now he has brought Bai Ayi to foreign countries. This is definitely not good for Bai Ayi’s illness. Cheng Zhenzhen listened very eccentrically to rebut, but she I know that orange is all true.

In Italy, the white aunt gave a flower, and suddenly saw the fairy ball rotten. She recalled that she could not help but cry when she was young and her husband took care of the prickly pear. When she confided, she immediately dialed the phone of Cheng Zhenzhen. She told the truth about the fairy ball, and wondered if these plants were like people. They might die when they moved. And the true and understanding of the comfort of the white aunt, the white aunt’s emotions slowly calm down, let the real rest early.

Shao Yong needs to get help from the well. Helearnedfrom Mu Yunping where the relationship between Cheng Zhenzhen and the well-being mother. Shao Qiao suddenly thought that maybe Cheng Zhenzhen was the soft underbelly. He immediately arranged for Mu Yunping to go to the garden store to call Cheng Zhenzhen to the headquarters. Mu Yunping was very shocked when he arrived at the store and informed her that the headquarters was going to see her. Shao Yong Orange was also very surprised. He asked Mu Yunping Shao Yong to see what Cheng Zhenzhen was doing. Mu Yunping did not explain in public.

Shao Yong Orange chased the outside of the store and asked Mu Yunping. Mu Yunping asked him what relationship he had with Cheng Zhenzhen. Why did he care about Cheng Zhenzhen so much? Shao Yong Orange did not explain but continued to ask Mu Yunping, is he saying something to Shao Yong? Mu Yunping explained that he was voluntarily making a request to the headquarters. He named him to let Cheng Zhenzhen negotiate on behalf of the company to Italy. Shao Yong Orange said angrily, why did he ask the company to promise, and Mu Yunping smiled and refused to explain more. Not far away, Hao Mei eavesdropped on the conversation between Shao Yong Orange and Mu Yunping.

Upon arriving at the headquarters, Shao Yong saw that Cheng Zhenzhen had sent her decision to send her to Italy. Cheng Zhenzhen is terrified, she is afraid that she will not be able to negotiate, and Shao Yong and her comfort to her not to worry. After Cheng Zhenzhen left Shao Yong’s office, Shao Yong Orange rushed into Shao Yong’s office. He asked Shao Yong why he had to send Cheng Zhenzhen to Italy. On the surface, she was asked to go to negotiations. Actually, she was asked to take care of her mother. He said that Cheng Zhenzhen is only a company employee, she should not do this for the company. Shao Jian did not scream and questioned Shao Yong Orange. He questioned Shao Jin’s relationship with Cheng Zhenzhen. Shao Yong Orange did not explain, but asked to send himself to Italy.

Mu Yunping handed over the negotiating materials to Cheng Zhenzhen and married her. The focus of the negotiations is not necessarily on professional knowledge, but on emotions. Cheng Zhenzhen is dubious. Cheng Zhenzhen took the information to get out of the headquarters, just in time to meet Shao Yong Orange is also ready to leave. The two men walked out of the headquarters together, and Cheng Zhenzhen was excited to go shopping in Italy, and Shao Yong’s orange strokes were really hot.
In the evening, Hao Mei secretly opened the file cabinet of the garden shop. She found the file of Shao Yong Orange. He was shocked to see Shao Yong’s file and sneaked it down with his mobile phone.

In Italy, I told the white aunt that Cheng Zhenzhen was coming to Italy. Bai Ayi was unbelievable. She said that Cheng Zhenzhen is an ordinary employee and could not be sent. Well, I explained that I feel that the company of love and home is not bad, and cooperation is not bad, so it doesn’t matter whether or not the company sends people to negotiate. Well, he did not tell the truth, he is more to see the face of true.
Shao Yong Orange asked Cheng Zhenzhen to eat for her, and he also gave Cheng Zhenzhen a pair of shoes. Shao Yong Orange said that she should consider a question after she left, and he will tell her decision when she returns. Cheng Zhenzhen is very curious about what Shao Yong Orange wants to say to himself.

Cheng Zhenzhen boarded the plane to Italy. She was looking at the negotiating materials, and a foreign brother, Lie, sitting next to her took the initiative to talk to her. He saw that the screensaver on the real computer was in order, and he talked with Cheng Zhenzhen. The idea of ​​well-designed architecture.

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