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My True Friend Episode 10

When Shao Lan Orange saw Ai Wen, Ai Wen shook and asked if Orange was coming to arrest him and asked if Bill was dead. Orange told him that he was the big brother who used to sell the house, so he called Mr. Yang and told them that Ai Wen had found it.
After Mr. Yang and his wife brought Ai Wen back, Teacher Ai Wen felt that he had found Ai Wen, and Bill was slightly injured. The teacher told them that Ai Wen’s performance at school was not gregarious, and the emotions were sometimes extreme. Mrs. Yang felt that the performance of Ai Wen was incredible.

After Mr. Yang’s family returned home, Mrs. Yang called Bill’s mother and asked Bill about her injury and was willing to pay Bill. After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Yang felt that there was a problem in the Aiwen school and pushed all the responsibilities to the child. She wanted to blame the school. Mr. Yang stopped the wife and blamed her for rethinking whether she gave Evan too much pressure and caused Ai Wen’s The status quo, if it is the responsibility of the school, why other children are not like this. Mrs. Yang feels that her husband is not capable of earning money, can not guarantee the quality of life for the whole family, pretending to be a middle class, and he has to work and take care of Ai Wen. The couple complained to each other.

Teacher Ai Wen’s words reminded Mr. and Mrs. Yang that they felt that Ai Wen’s psychology had a problem. They took Ai Wen to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed that Ai Wen had a psychological problem. Mr. Yang woke up like a dream, called orange, thanked the orange for the real reminder, and now bought him a house in Yangshu.

Orange finally sold the first suite before the end of the month. When I was feeling a thousand, I really realized the parents of Mr. Yang and I thought they loved Ai Wen very much, but the way of love was wrong.

Luo Zuer went to the Love and Home Garden store to find orange, and saw Fu Xiaoning, Xiaoning as a mature man, and how to teach his grandfather how to attract the attention of orange. At this point, the home of his girlfriend Xiaoning hi good resignation to Shanghai come to him, entered the shop, Joey met in a chat with Xiaoning, said his girlfriend Xi Xiaoning rush for the good cousin, hi good to see that Li Xiaoning Forget the meaning, turn and leave. Xiaoning chased the store, eager to explain to the good, only love her.

After selling the house, the orange was reported to the store manager, Zeng Huimin , and was told by Zeng Huimin . Fu Xiaoning took the opportunity to recommend his girlfriend to the store manager, female college student, accounting major, to work. Zeng Huimin left a goodwill to promote employee competition. Xishan, please Xiaoning to help find a cheap shared house, you can save some money. Xiaoning reluctant to live in the environment and let her live in the hotel. If I really hear Xiaoning’s words, I suggest that you can live in your own home. Xiaoning feels embarrassed, really does not mind. When the orange is not willing to let the good to live in the real home, it is said that the real home is very chaotic, let the good and help more to clean up.

At the blind date, Zeng Huimin was extremely embarrassed. When men and women interacted, there was a divorced man who talked with her forward and she felt very uncomfortable. The host noticed the loneliness of Zeng Huimin and reminded her to show her smile, which would make people close to her. Zeng Huimin seems to understand. When she just got out of the blind date, she received a call from her father. The father said that she would help her to meet a local Shanghai native and let her go to the appointment immediately. Zeng Huimin had to go to meet.

The orange belt really went to play, I was really surprised that the orange would sail, and asked the old gentleman why the orange was called Shao Gongzi, and the orange music was really good to listen to, and I felt better than the well- drawn song. I really ignore the orange.

Feng Dehai met with Zeng Huimin. Feng was extremely rude. He thought that the intermediary work was tired and sad. He thought he was a local and asked Hui Min to be healthy. Hui Min is very disgusted.

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