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The Lost Tomb 2 Episode 3

Wu Xie believes that his uncle has been to this ear room, but he does not know why it has changed. Zhang Qiling said that he had been here, but he couldn’t think of it when he lost his memory. He said that his name was on the archaeological team. Wang Fatzi expressed doubts about his words. The archaeological team was a few decades ago. If there is him, he will be with the uncle. The same age. Zhang Qiling said that he also wanted to know that Wu Xie asked him about his understanding of the tomb of the seabed. Zhang Qiling recalled that he used to go to the bottom of the tomb in Wu San province . At that time, Jie Jie was killed because he went to the sea privately. One of them sent the body. After returning to the shore, a group of them sneaked into the seabed tomb. A sea monkey was found in the sea. When it entered the tomb, there was a strong scent. Everyone smelled very comfortable. Wu Xie asked what happened behind Zhang Qiling, but Zhang Qiling said that he couldn’t remember. Wang Fatzi said that he had seen scent hypnosis in Panjiayuan, which is the bone fragrance of the forbidden woman. The forbidden woman is the evil spirit. Wu Xie suddenly remembered that San Shu had told him that he was away from the forbidden woman’s bone fragrance. Because it was unlucky, he could sleep and die. His uncle also said that everyone was sleeping at the bottom of the sea. When he woke up, he was left alone. Everything was gone. There was only one coffin left. Suddenly, one of the coffins stretched out and held him. After the three uncles broke free, they rushed back to the shore and were rescued by the passing fishing boats and sent to the hospital. Wu Xie at the time was still very small, and San Shu hoped that he would not learn himself.

Wu Xie did not know that San Shu said that it was now that they were the sea. In Wang Fatzi’s words, Wu Xie suddenly thought of the elevator. He said that the current ear room moves up and down, and there is the same ear chamber above or below. So, when I came out, I found that the instrument was gone. Wang Fatzi said happily that the ear room was turned back in the diverticulum channel. Zhang Qiling said that the three uncles were sleeping and did not go out of the ear room. Wu Xie did not understand the time period of the ear room lifting space, but the air was not enough, the three had to Go to the ramp and wait for the ear chamber to come back to the bottle.

The three men came to a symmetrical ear chamber, and there was a very lavish coffin in the ear chamber. Zhang Qiling thought that this should be the coffin that the three uncles found when they woke up. Wang Fatzi admired the coffin. Wu Xie said that the feng shui of the tomb was very strange. All the organs were like pranks. Zhang Qiling picked up a knife and slammed it on the coffin. Wang Fatzi was very dissatisfied and said that he could not forget the rules of the older generation. Light a candle and then open it. Wang Fatzi ignited a skeleton of a cat in the corner. Wu Xie said that the feng shui of this tomb is all against, and what can’t be put. At this time, Zhang Qiling opened the coffin, which is a very disgusting female corpse, with twelve hands, but only one head, the taste is very stinky, the coffin is full of water. Wang Fatzi and Wu Xie went out to find porcelain and drowning water. Wu Xie was interested in porcelain. When he got up, he found that the incoming door had been sealed. Wang Fatzi and Zhang Qiling have hollowed out the water in the coffin and moved out of the female body. Suddenly a cat called, the skeleton of the cat disappeared, and they waited for Wu Xie to find that the door was sealed. The two had to study the coffin first, so that the strength of the gas was moved, but the female corpse on the ground began to agitate.

Wu Xie is very nervous here. Sitting on the ground and counting his time to comfort himself. At this time, a monster is crawling out of the water and heading toward him. Wu Xie is scared to flee into an ear room and think that he is I escaped from the robbery, but did not think that the monster dug into the ground and reached into the foot of Wu Xie. Wu Xie took out the knife at the waist and the monsters let go.
Wang Fatzi and Zhang Qiling raised their coffins and found that there were stolen holes under the coffin. They were very puzzled. The two men looked back at the female body. At this time, the female body stretched out and grabbed Zhang Qiling. Wang Fatzi shot in the past. Quickly escaped into the burglary. Wu Xie found a cockroach in the hall where he was hiding. A pottery like a bathing pot was a tomb in the Warring States period. Wu Xie guessed that this is not the tomb of the Ming Dynasty?

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