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The Lost Tomb 2 Episode 2

When Wu Xie was resting, he started a nightmare. In the dream, he was alone in the flashlight monument. He suddenly heard the sound and turned to check it. He didn’t expect it to be a three uncle, so the three uncle warned Wu Xie not to intervene. The matter, but also to start killing him, but fortunately by Wang Fatzi to end the nightmare.

Wang Fatzi started to make jokes when he saw that Wu Xie had a nightmare. Then the two went to eat together, and Aning was also there, so he said that Wu Xie said that he would look at him after he went to the sea, and Wu Xie also said that he would do his best. During the meal, Wu Xie explained that even if there is a tomb, it has been a long time and there is no worry. After the meal, Wu Xie and Wang Fatzi arranged the equipment to go to the sea, and Aning contacted her boss. The boss also confessed that if Zhang advised the director to hinder the action, he would kill him.

The ship finally arrived at the designated location, and Wu Xie and others also went to the water to find the hole. Under the sea, they slowly walked all the way, finally found the mark of the shipwreck tomb hole left by the three uncles, so they checked the equipment and prepared to enter the hole. The hole was deep, and a group of people slowly moved forward. There were also many huge odd-shaped statues along the way. The careful Wu Xie discovered that the statues were all open eyes. Later, I found a lot of hair found on the wall. I wanted to touch it with my hand. As soon as the hand came, the hair was all indented. Wu Xie was shocked.

The secret door on the wall was opened, and a hoe was seen, and everyone was scared. At this time, everyone was attacked before and after, and they could not see what was attacked. The people who found the wrong situation quickly rushed to the hole and stopped at halfway to discuss what they had just seen. Suddenly turned and saw a white woman with long hair fluttering behind her, and she was scared to escape. When one of the people accidentally touched the organ during the tour, everyone was swept in by the whirlpool and followed the whirlpool. A group of people came to a submarine tomb in the sea. After detecting enough oxygen, they all unloaded the oxygen cylinder.

It turned out that this is one of the ear chambers of the cemetery, which has a lot of cultural relics inside. So everyone went on to investigate, and the bald man suddenly found a row of footprints, like a child, and it was just passed through here, and everyone was puzzled. Being depressed, a large vase of cultural relics suddenly moved, everyone’s heart followed and nervous, slowly looking forward, and found that it was empty, but found a baby coffin next to the vase, and it was open. So Wang Fatzi wanted to find the child unsuccessful, and wanted to see what was inside the coffin, but it was stopped. After the crowd wanted to leave and continue to look for it, the vase suddenly rolled up and tightened again. As soon as the person approaches, the vase will automatically roll up, as if to lead Wu Xie and others, and everyone has found a more spacious place. Wu Xie and others will conduct a survey forward, while Aning is at the end, and deliberately stepped on the Chinese authorities. Fortunately, Wu Xie and others worked hard, but when I thought that there was no danger, Aning suddenly seized Wu Xie as a shield for her own, which caused Wu Xie’s chest to be shot several times. This scene was just like Wang Fatzi. When I saw it, I got up and went to save Wu Xie. I didn’t expect the back to be shot several times. And Aning is safe to reach the next entrance.

After the organ stopped shooting, Wu Xie and Wang Fatzi were surprised to find that there were many arrows on themselves, but they did not hurt at all. It turned out that this arrow is very interesting and will not hurt people. At this time, the bald man who went to catch up with the unknown creatures came back. He also said that Anin deliberately stepped on the Chinese authorities, and even revealed his true face of the mountain. The original bald man was disguised by Zhang Qiling . At the time of the break, Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling and Wang Fatzi were guessing the true purpose of Aning, why did they try to find a group of them to explore together.

In order to prepare for the perfection, Wu Xie decided to go back and take the oxygen cylinder. When he returned to the original point, he found that the oxygen cylinders were all gone. After some inspection, I realized that it was the wrong way and went into other ear rooms. But there is only one road, why is it wrong? Wu Xie, who was surprised, asked Zhang Qiling, and Wang Fatzi even sneaked on it and told him about Wu Xing and Zhang Qiling.

When Wang Fatzi said his own, Wu Xie investigated the cultural relics. When he heard the second time that the third uncle also participated in the investigation, he also listened to the snake eyebrow copper fish, and Wu Xie came to the rescue. Knowing that San Shu had found the cooperation of Aning Company in order to go down to the cemetery again, he learned that it was possible that San Shu also deliberately deceived them. So Wu Xie recalled that Wu Xie’s grandfather had locked his uncle in the room and reprimanded his uncle. Therefore, I believe that San Shu has been here, and at the time of speculation, Zhang Qiling even said that he had been to this place.

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