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The Lost Tomb 2 Episode 1

Wu Xie read the notes left by Grandpa and made a nightmare. In the dream, the three uncles reprimanded that they should not take notes and then shot him. Wu Xie woke up and saw that San Shu was resting, and got up and covered him with a quilt. The movement stopped the three uncles and said the same words as Wu Xie’s dream. Sanshu proposed to have a drink with him, but when Wu Xie turned and took the wine, he suddenly found that the three uncles became a monster. Wu Xie once again woke up and found himself caught in multiple dreams. At this time, Wu Xie’s computer suddenly received a message that the other party said that he wanted to save his uncle and went to the South China Sea.

After Wu Xie arrived in the South China Sea, a stranger handed him the key of a car and a business card. Wu Xie drove to the location on the business card, recalling the various things between himself and the uncle, and he took a sigh of relief. Wu Xie came to a bridge according to the address on the business card and found that the person who waited for himself turned out to be Aning . Aning told Wu Xie that his uncle took the initiative to work with his company to salvage the shipwreck in the ocean. Thanks to the information provided by Sanshu and the equipment of the company, the cooperation between the two parties proceeded smoothly and effectively. Can be two days ago, the boat of the three uncles suddenly lost the signal, and Ann said that Wu Xie came to the South China Sea, hoping to take him to find his uncle. It turned out that the three uncles had already confessed, if they had an accident, let them find Wu Xie.

Wu Xie followed Ain by boat and went out to sea. On the boat, Aning brought Wu Xie to the front of Wang Fatzi. After a long absence of the two people chilling for a while, Wang Fatzi told Wu Xie that Aning called him to find a submarine tomb. I heard that San Shu also came here. Wang Fatzi is not concerned about the disappearance of San Shu, but feels that this will be a tank. Just when Wang Fatzi ridiculed Aning, Aning used a horn to inform the two to meet on the deck.

After the arrival of the two men, Aning mentioned the seabed tomb in the notes of Wu Xie’s grandfather. This time, his three uncles took the information of the seabed to find the cooperation of the company. However, Wu Xie does not care about this seabed tomb. He is worried about the safety of his uncle. At this time, Zhang consultant came to the deck with the captain. When Zhang’s tutor was too broken, the fat man couldn’t help but vomit. He was the crow’s mouth. When Zhang consultant saw Wu Xie, he took his hand and refused to let go.

In the evening, the cargo ship encountered a storm, and the entire ship was constantly bumping and swaying at sea. With a big wave hit, Wu Xie almost fell into the sea. Wang Fatzi pulled Wu Xie back and returned to the cabin with other people. At this time, the worse news is that the engine worn is broken. The captain hurriedly asked the crew to send out a distress signal. The emotionally fat Wang Fatzi shouted at the sea and was stunned by the waves that rushed to the front. Wu Xie and Aning just sent Wang Fatzi back to the cabin, and there was a sudden exclamation outside. It turned out that a ghost ship appeared in front of everyone. Everyone turned around and didn’t look at the ghost ship. Aning reminded Wu Xie that no matter what sound he heard, he couldn’t turn back. Even if someone touched himself, don’t look back. Wu Xie looked at the ghost ship reflected in the cabin glass, because the novelty seemed to have some excitement, but when he looked back at Aning, he found a pair of strange strange hands on Aning’s shoulder. Wu Xie ignored the crew’s blockade and used the rope to get on the ghost ship to save Aning. However, I did not expect that Wu Xie stepped on the deck of the ghost ship and the two fell into the cabin of the ghost ship.

Wu Xie concluded that this ghost ship has been floating at sea for more than ten years. When the two searched for clues in the cabin, Wu Xie found a well-preserved notebook. After reading it, he discovered that the ship was linked to the undersea tomb on his grandfather’s notes. When he turned his head and looked at Aning, the strange arm controlled Anin to open the cabin door, and a terrible monster climbed out of the cabin. Looking at the monster’s constant imminence, Wu Xie dragged Anin slowly back. In times of crisis, Zhang consultants also came to the boat and recognized the monster as a sea monkey. Looking at Zhang’s flexible fight with the sea monkey, Wu Xie had doubts about his identity. After the consultant repelled the sea monkey, the three men returned to the deck and saw the original vessel.

Seeing that Wu Xie’s neck was still carrying the pair of strange hands, the boat took out a yak of hair and sprinkled it on the strange hand, and took this thing called human face. Wu Xie sent Aning back to the cabin to rest, Wang Fatzi let Wu Xie stalk for a while, and he changed his shift after two hours.

The next day, Wu Xie looked through the notes he had found on the ghost ship on the deck. He recalled that when he was a child, San Shu left his home to look for the tomb of the sea, and the information about the seabed tomb he saw on his grandfather’s notebook was contemplative. At this time, Wu Xie found a photo in his notebook, his three uncles and Aunt Jin Jin are in the photo. At this time, seeing Aning come up, Wu Xie rushed to collect the notebook. Aning expressed his gratitude to Wu Xie’s salvation of the people. Wu Xie explained that all of this was the credit of Zhang Bald, and he was very curious about his identity.

Aning told Wu Xie that his three uncles were on board and might be hijacked by pirates. If the three uncles enter the submarine tomb, there is still life. If they fall into the hands of the pirates, they may be really fierce.

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