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Bye Bye Blackbird バイバイ、ブラックバード (2018)

Bye Bye Blackbird (2018)
Also known as:  バイバイ、ブラックバード / Bai Bai Burakkubado

Genres: Japanese Drama
Episodes: 6
Country: Japan
Director: Mori Yoshitaka
Network: WOWOW
Release Date: Feb 17, 2018
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  • Shirota Yu as Mayumi
  • Kora Kengo as Kazuhiko Hoshino

Kazuhiko Hoshino (Kengo Kora) will soon take a bus ride. Before taking the bus ride, he meets his five girlfriends one by one and says goodbye to them. Kazuhiko Hoshino dated the five women at the same time. Mayumi (Yuu Shirota) is large woman. She follows him as a observer and makes Kazuhiko Hoshino get on the bus.

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