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The Geek is on the Run 极客江湖 (2019)

The Geek is on the Run 极客江湖 (2019)
Also known as: 极客江湖 / Ji Ke Jiang Hu

Genres: Workplace, Romance
China Mainland
Jin Shen (金琛)
Yong Ren (庸人)
Release Date:
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  • Jing Tian as Fu Jiao
  • Aarif Rahman as Wang Yang
  • Liu Jia Tong as Shen Qing
  • Hao Hao as Yang Zi
  • Bao Chun Lai as Wei Ran
  • Yu Xiao Wei as Chi Feng
  • Chen Xun as Huang Tao
  • Ma Wen Yuan as Yang Xiao
  • Xie Lin Tong as Shi An Ya
  • Shi Chao as Niu Bo
  • Zhang Ya Han as Zhang Rui
  • Zhang Ye as Liu Shuang Zhi
  • Ge Jian Guang as CEO Zhang


Fu Jiao possesses an extraordinary talent in the field of IT and computing studies. She develops an application but finds out that it shares many similarities with an application that is developed by a Teng Yao, a powerful and influential organization. This leads to misunderstandings that Fu Jiao is a “inner spy” and chased out of her company and living quarters. In a twist of fate, she ends up living with Wang Yang, whom she is at odds with. As time goes by, the two loggerheads develop a bond and work together to find out the truth.

Episodes Lists:
Episodes 1
Episodes 2
Episodes 3
Episodes 4
Episodes 5
Episodes 6
Episodes 7
Episodes 8
Episodes 9
Episodes 10

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