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Fahai Biography 法海传 (Movie 2018)

Fahai Biography
Other Title: 法海传 / Fa Hai Zhuan

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Martial Arts, Mythology
Country: China Mainland
Director: Hu Guohan
Release Date: 2018
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  • White Bai as Fa Hai, Pei Wende
  • Huang Rong as White Snake, Bai Jingjing
  • Calvin Du  
  • Qiao Xi  

Fahai Biography (2018) 法海传 – During the prosperous years, the evil spirits were rampant. The imperial court specially set up the demon organization “Demon Demon”, and each member needs to drink the demon blood to fight against the demon. However, if you can’t do your heart, you will be degraded by the demon blood and become a demon. It was night, and the leader of the demon sergeant, Wendeng, went to the city to explore the inexplicable demon. At the scene, a girl named Bai Qingqing was actually a giant snake. When the two sides fought, the palace was attacked by the ghost king, and the emperor died.

Yan Wende was ordered to take the demon king “Jin Ying” Bai Qingqing to embark on the road of searching for the ghost king. On the way, Wen Wende found that Bai Qingqing was originally detained by the demon king. The two people gradually began to produce some different feelings. After many difficulties, Yan Wende finally found the hiding place of the demon king, but the power gap between the two was clear at a glance. In the battle, Bai Qingqing died in the devil’s claws in order to save Wende.

Produced by Zhu Shaojie, Bai Yu, Huang Rong, Jiang Zhenyu, and the grandfathers starred in the large-scale costume fantasy movie “The Demon and the Fahai Biography”. The total producer Tong Wei, product person Wang Xinliang, Huang Rong, the general plan Zheng Yu, and other creative staff to join, the school sent a team to make heart, big coffee blessing to create a new fantasy ip, this summer must live up to expectations, “Yu” you are not seen. .. (Expand all)


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