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Fa Hai, You Ignorant of Love 法海你不懂爱 (Movie 2018)

Fa Hai, You Ignorant of Love (2018)
Other Title: 法海你不懂爱 / Fa Hai Ni Bu Dong Ai

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Country: China Mainlnad
Director: Huang Yonggang
Release Date: 4 February 2018
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  • Bai Yihong as Bai Zixi
  • Lu Jie as Pei Xiaohai
  • Zhang Zhengyang as Gao Cheng
  • Miu Tse as Fa Hai
  • Jin Yana as Green Snake, Xiao Qing
  • Deng Xi

Fa Hai, You Ignorant of Love –

“Fa Hai, you don’t understand love” is a song that Laojiao created in 2013 before the new year. Because 2013 is a snake year, Laojiao is a foreigner and especially loves Chinese traditional culture. He is very obsessed with the legendary love story in The White Snake . If we directly describe the snake, the traditional Chinese concept has a fear of the snake and is not good, so we started from the Fahai and the well-known Leifeng Tower to create this new song.

The focus of the song is in Fahai, and Fahai follows its own principles and rules to obstruct their love, but the power of true love will eventually cause Leifeng Tower to fall. This song is a narrative, and the language is straightforward. Laojiao said that in the past works of art, there have been many descriptions of the love story between Bai Niangzi and Xu Xian. It is necessary to find a breakthrough from a new angle, so I think of Fahai, and it is more interesting to say this story from the perspective of Fahai

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