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Drunk + Buddy 醉+拍档 (Movie 2018)

Drunk + Buddy
Other Title: Zui Pai Dang / Er Huan Yi Li

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Country: China Mainlnad
Director: Danny Pang
Release Date: 2018
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  • Qin Junjie
  • Rachel Momo
  • Wei Wei
  • Zhang Yiqian
  • Vina Zhang

Drunk + Buddy (2018) 醉+拍档 – The film “Drunk + Partner” was launched in Beijing. The film will be directed by Peng Fa as the general director and producer, and Guo Hu will serve as the director. Starring Qin Junjie and Mao Xiaotong . It is reported that the story of “Drunk + Partner” revolves around the topic of “drinking”, and it is expected to meet the audience in the summer of 2017.

The story of the movie “Drunk + Partner” begins with a drunk driving event: Qiao Duodu, played by Qin Junjie, is caught in a conspiracy of boss design. In the drunk driving training school, Qiao Duodu has met several times of deductions for the drunk driving. The well-behaved female traffic police played by Mao Xiaolan had an intersection with the two because of a car accident ten years ago. In order to avoid the double attack between the traffic police and the boss, and in order to fulfill his promise to his wife, Qiao Duo Duo and Gao Fushuai embarked on a common dream-seeking journey.

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