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Blowing in the Wind Chapter 2

Shady was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep, and her head kept thinking about what Lin Feng said to herself during the day. The next day, Shady came to her early in the morning and told her to promise to come to the mountaineering club as a coach. After hearing the news, Lin Feng was surprised and happy, and smirked. Shady turned on the computer and deleted the videos and photos about them. Lin Feng suddenly scared him. In order to avoid embarrassment, he deliberately pretended to be unable to find the video and found a reason to leave. Lin Feng asked Lao Zheng to find the hard drive, because there is a backup of the mountain video, Xiadi had to stay and want to find it. Lin Feng took the members of the mountaineering club to invite new students to join the society. Through the three-inch tongue, the students heard the voice of Xia Di and they came here.

Lin Feng took Xia Di to the rooftop to hang the banner. Because of the shadow in his heart, he was afraid of moving because of his fear. His mind suddenly recalled the picture that had been on the cliff before. Shady asked her not to care for herself. If she was climbing because of the coolness, she did not want to join the mountaineering club. Lin Feng saw that he was not right. He suspected that he was angry because he was afraid of heights. He asked him why he was afraid of heights. Is it because of five? The sequela of mountaineering accidents years ago. Xia Di did not want to discuss this matter, let her hurry to find someone to open the door, Xu Anni was very curious about what happened on the rooftop, but Lin Feng was tight-lipped, and did not want to disclose it to her.

Fan Lin and Shady cooked together, and Bao Zheng suddenly called and claimed that there was a big project that could make money to invite him to do it, but Shady said that he was not interested in hanging up the phone. Lin Feng was about to take the cable car, but Shady was very angry about this. He said that he was not here to play with her. Lin Feng confessed to him and checked it online. The cable car can help him overcome the fear of heights and give him apologize. It was his fault to accidentally trap him on the roof, and he also gave him a new gift to apologize.

Xia Di reminisced about Lin Feng’s apology, but he only cares about the hard disk. After seeing her take out the U disk, the whole person collapsed and she didn’t know how to say her. Lin Feng did not understand what he was thinking. He thought that Xia Di just thought that the cable car was very shameful and kept talking in the car. Xia Di really couldn’t stand it. She let her get off and go back. When she was in the car, she heard the victim’s information. She was worried that Lin Feng had an accident and immediately rushed back to find her. Lin Feng’s cell phone had no electricity, so he had to walk back on the road, but the road was harassed by some uncles. One person was scared to walk back.

Lin Feng suddenly found someone behind her secretly followed her, and touched her body and immediately subdued him. I didn’t expect this person to be Shadi. It turned out that Xia Di came back to pick her up. Because Xia Di had not returned in the evening, Fan Lin called to ask him where he was going, and Shady asked her to go to rest without paying attention to him. Xia Di sent Lin Feng back to school. When he got off the bus, Lin Feng apologized to him for his behavior and assured him that he would definitely rebuild the mountain.

Lin Feng met Zhang Xiaofei when he overturned the wall . The two were noisy, and the poor Zhang Xiaofei was also discovered by the school’s security guard. When Shady came back, she found that Fan Lin was waiting for him at the door at night. She saw her face was not good, thinking that she was awkward with her colleagues. Fan Lin plans to talk to him and tell her that she has already agreed to sign the time. Xia Di can’t understand why Fan Lin has been going abroad, not to mention getting ready. Shady assured her that she would take care of her like her brother, so that she would not think too much, go back and take a rest.

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