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Blowing in the Wind Chapter 1

A group of people are playing happily on the snowy mountain. Fan Yang celebrates the birthday of his sister Fan Lin . Xia Di looks at the distant scenery. The camera suddenly turns to him and pulls the rope madly on the edge of the cliff, screaming Fan Yang painfully. It turned out that all this was Shady’s nightmare. After he woke up, he frantically drank water. Fan Lin suddenly called him. After Shady took the call, they would meet for a while. Bao Zheng took him and asked him. He always felt that when he mentioned things five years ago, he didn’t mention anything. There must have been some things in it. He would become so strange. It’s been five years. He always said that he was fine, but he’s fine. Seeing his reaction is really not normal.

Shady was alone in the bathroom and madly washing her face, looking at herself in the mirror, not knowing her own eyes. Lin Feng secretly followed the clothes into the venue, she hid inside to change clothes, Hou Director Xu Anni , let her perform well, do not live up to his expectations. After the departure of Director Hou, Lin Feng quickly went out after changing his clothes. Annie immediately breathed a sigh of relief and helped her to bring a work card. Because the mountaineering club has not had any activities for five years, there are only a few left, only three people are supporting, worried about reconstruction. Can’t climb a mountain club. Lin Feng felt that she didn’t try the result. If she couldn’t find the coach, it would be no longer necessary to rebuild the mountaineering club. Anne supported her practice, and then the two started to make funny jokes.

Xia Di and Bao Zheng participated in the event together. I didn’t expect that because there was no invitation card to be blocked, I wouldn’t let it go. At this time, Fan Lin wore a long dress and fluttered forward. Lin Feng sneaked into the guest lounge and suddenly saw Shady’s name smirking. Director Hou met Shady, who had not seen him for a long time. He told them about what happened in his school that year. He thought that Fan Lin was the girlfriend of Shady. After a chill, they said goodbye. Lin Feng was talking to himself in the guest lounge. Shady and Fan Lin suddenly interrupted her. Lin Feng went to fall in front of him, and then quickly found a reason to leave.
Bao Zheng was shouted by the waiter because he was sitting in the position of Fan Lin. He originally wanted to pretend that he was Fan Lin, but he was ruthlessly exposed and could only move and sit. Lin Feng was frustrated to tell Anne about what happened with Shadi, and then, after Anne’s encouragement, went back to see Shady. Fan Lin heard that Shady received the opportunity to work in a US office and supported him to work there. I believe that his brother Fan Yang also hopes that he can go higher and further.

Fan Lin accidentally misused the dye. Xia Di quickly took the water to take care of her. She also pushed the speech of Director Hou. Fan Lin asked him not to worry about himself. He would go to the toilet to deal with it and let him speak with peace of mind. Xia Di stood on the podium and told about the experiences of these years, but he misplaced the video, all of which were videos and photos of his original mountain climbing. After he saw it, the whole person was stunned. The reporter asked Xia Di to ask questions. After Lin Feng came out, he was very embarrassed. He planned to take things out and sneak out. He almost fell and fell, but fortunately, Xia Di held it in time. Annie packed up in the dressing room, and when she came in, she wanted to come in and talk, and when she saw her face, she turned to the horse.

When Lin Feng apologized to Shady for the video and prepared to invite him to be the coach of the mountaineering club, Director Hou just came out and kept reprimanding them. Xia Di worried that Fan Lin was uncomfortable drinking dirty water and planned to send her to the hospital. However, Fan Lin felt that it did not matter and did not affect her meal. Annie took Shady’s clothes in front of Lin Feng and comforted her not to be discouraged. Lin Feng picked up a report about Shady and recalled what happened before.

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