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Better Man 进击的男孩 (Movie 2018)

Better Man (2018)
Other Title: 进击的男孩 / Jin Ji De Nan Hai / Attack on the boy

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Country: China Mainland
Director: Xu Tian
Release Date: 2018
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  • Li Ai
  • Pang Hanchen
  • Bao Wenjing
  • Li Lin
  • Jiang Shimeng
  • Huang Jinkun
  • Ma Rui
  • Xu Tian

Better Man 进击的男孩  – We all missed it, missed some people and missed something. Gu Hao (Pang Yuchen) joined the radio station as soon as he entered the school, where he and his sister Qin Xiao (Li Ai ornaments) fell in love. Unlike the courageous roommate Jia Tao (Li Lin ornaments) and the courageous and hateful Ma Yanshan (Bao Wenyu), the mind is sensitive and delicate, and has always been unable to express his will, saying, hard work and courage. They have been together, not together, and they are no match for the misses of making people. Finally, ten years later, he waited for an opportunity. This time, will they miss each other? The boy who attacked this was the representative of thousands of young and young owners. Their growth, laughter, tears, hard work, and moving. They are working hard to become a better self, just to meet you better.

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