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A Fangirl’s Romance 迷妹罗曼史 (Movie 2018)

A Fangirl’s Romance (2018)
Other Title: 迷妹罗曼史 / Mi Mei Luo Man Shi / Love Song 1990

Genre: Romance, Comedy, drama
Country: China mainland
Director: Qin Peng
Release Date: 2018
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  • Yan Ni
  • Peter Sheng
  • Guo Shutong
  • Yu Xiaotong
  • Zhou Dongyu
  • Vision Wei
  • Qin Hailu
  • Huang Jue
  • Liuxun Zimo
  • Ke Da

After 90, Gao Ge is a tech madman full of whimsy. In order to prevent the mother from telling the world that his father is a singer Luo Dayou, the mother went to Shenzhen and Luo Dayou to face the quality. However, after arriving in Shenzhen, he was unfortunately lost with his mother. He was looking for a friend with his friend Peas and Xiaobian. Under, not only met the mother’s old workers.


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