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The Legend of Zu 2 Chapter 9

Yu Ying-men want to stop it was too late.

  Black smoke instantly engulfed England, and tied his limbs, locked him whole, dragged off the ground.

  Inch to force to break away, but more conscious of black smoke more tight. Chest was squeezed, the British won the odd was uncomfortable breathing, the body has not yet calm Dan fire control out of control. Small hidden faintly revealing the golden flame.

  Small golden flame is still very weak, British men not nervous British Qi noticed, see Inch uncomfortable pain, tears rushing down the stream, and even despite their own danger, they want to rushed to save him.

  Yu Yingqi, who was badly known, drank anxiously. “Do not come over.”

  Dan fire in his body with unimaginable devastating, once Yingying men touch, Yingqi can not imagine.

  In order to stop the British men, British odd even with the usual rarely used harsh.

  British men were drowned, overwhelmed, at the same time, more afraid. Was always looking for opportunities to black smoke on top, just as it wants to engulf the British men, Bai Gu Yi came, the British men aside.

  British men did not mind, seize the hands of Bai Gu Yi, anxiously: “fast, quick to save my brother.”

  Voice faded, while a white light flashed, it was originally wrapped around the British strange black smoke was smashed instantly.

  British boy see Ying Qi nothing, quickly throw off the hands of Bai Gu Yi, wanted to help him in the past. But at this time she was in a state of panic, she did not see the danger at all. A mass of black smoke rose from the ground taking advantage of everyone’s attention. Bang, the British hero hit, the whole person she hit the tree fiercely. Immediate black, fuzzy.

  British men are also worried about the British odd, want to get up, but the body is soft, and suddenly, she saw a tree not far from the back of a tree standing with a soft white light witches.

  Witches look unclear, but the stature let Yu Ying-men also familiar.

  Is the witch just pointing?

  Just as the British male struggled to think of the identity of the witch, Wang Thunder suddenly came running from the side of the witch and headed toward Inch. British men look again, the witch disappeared.

  And Wang Jinglei is also the hero of the Akira, will lose the wisdom of the British odd carry away.

  British men saw here quickly shouted, “Brother, brother! Do not leave me!”

  How can the strange intellect lost the response, as the king thunderbolt this person, do not say it. In addition to his compassion, he simply does not control the lives of others.

  Even if that person is a British man.

  On the other side, Bai Gu Yi trapped Black Rock in a place where the green light on the broken Yu Rui skyrocketed because of the spiritual power. As soon as it passed through the black smoke, the brutal black smoke was immediately crushed and the call was shrill. Chedi Junior three in the woods.

  When Bai Guyi received the broken yu-rui, I saw Yuying Nan sitting lonely on the ground, ran and said she helped. “Are you okay?”

  British trance to find them, the eyes are still looking at the British King just thunder they left the place. Until she really can not see her familiar figure, shook his head. “Nothing, thank you, white rice regiment … amount, my consciousness is that I do not know what is your name.”

  British men remembered that this person is not his own white rabbit, shouting the wrong name because of her embarrassment, but also just left sad sadness dissipated. She embarrassed around the head and asked: “forehead, what is your name?”

  ”Cang Gu Bai Gu Yi. Just a critical situation, many offenders. Now evils have been removed, will no longer be dangerous.”

  Do not know if his guarantee has the effect, Yu Ying-men looked really no terrible black smoke around, instantly revealed a big smile. Looks like he really saw the dream of the same hero, said: “I have your word, of course I am not afraid, you are really amazing! Thank you!”

  Said she had thought of being the eldest brother recalled by the king thunderstorm, Qi mouth, “Well, unlike my rotten brother, the key moment is not right, I am a man lost here, and he went to escape.” She was angry The thunder of the king will be forgotten.

  Bai Gu Yi looked at her tilted little mouth, shook his head with a smile, knowing that she said the words, comfort, “If your brother really timid, the beginning will not come to you.

  British men, of course, know this, she just spilled, laughing at White Valley, “You are really a good man.”

  Bai Guyi did not answer with a smile.

  Yu Ying-men is not embarrassed, my heart went to more than half, then patted himself ash, ready to go home. Looking up to say goodbye, but saw Bai Guyi cuff has a touch of blood.

  ”You, are you hurt?”

  British men said that they want to come forward to view, Bai Gu Yi do not like to expose the stranger, without a trace of a step back, the hand back to behind, lightly said: “No problem.”

  But Yu Ying-men did not stop, this person saved her eyes, if really hurt, she will be disturbed.

  She took a vigorous walk behind Bai Gu Yi, pulling up his wounded hand holding the fist. Gently broke apart, see the palm of your hand there is a slender wound, the heart faintly churn, “You hide what hide, there is injury to rule, even if it is a man, do not have to be brave, are bleeding, and certainly hurt. “Because she felt pain when looking at it.

  British men nagging again and again touched the body to see if there is no dressing with something, so missed Bai Gu Yi placid flash flashed surprised.

  Yu Ying-men out of urgency, who simply did not bring anything, and finally only the ribbon on his neck solved. Wrapped around the white Gu Yi palm for his dressing.

  Bai Gu Yi has never been treated like this, did not talk for a time, only stared at the face of the British man, and therefore noticed before her neck was covered with a ribbon of dental imprints.

  ”Your neck …”

  Yu Yingnan looked up his eyes, only to find what he said. Her cry, some embarrassed cover her neck. Men have been less concerned about the scars, I feel extremely ugly moment.

  ”That, amount, is the wild boar biting.”


  ”Uh-huh.” Yuying men under the men’s bandaging action did not stop, subconsciously covered with hair down the neck scars. “Very ugly or wrong, so I usually cover up.”

  Bai Gu Yi whispered smiled, looking hard to hide the girl, “flaw does not cover.”

  ”What did you say?” Bai Guyi put it mildly, Yu Ying-nan did not pay attention to temporarily listen.

  Bai Gu Yi did not repeat, and shook his head with a smile.

  Yu Ying-men also do not mind, as soon as it gets better, comfort, “Do not worry, your so nice hand will not scar.

  She looked very satisfied with the results of their completion, the red ribbon, bandaged in the man’s white hand, was actually very good-looking.

  ”How, look good ?!” Her habitual invitations, looked up but found that Bai Gu Yi is set to look at themselves, the hands have not let down the hand, just did not move, was Bai Gu Yi such a look, quickly felt hot. British men shy immediate withdrawal of their own hands.

  Bai Gu Yi did not seem to see her shy, with a smile, “there is a labor girl, but it is too late, but also to worship an enemy under the next … …”

  ”Ah, then you go to busy, I am no problem.” British handsome waved his hand.

  ”Really? You know the road?”

  ”Well … of course, I’m the most familiar here.” She made a calm pat on the chest.

  ”That’s good.” Bai Guyi looked up at the sky with a smile, and said: “You just need to follow the direction of the purple weixing time, you can see the edge of the forest, understand it?”

  Yu Ying-nan where there is also control what purple purple star, ah, from her once again saw Bai Gu Yi’s smile, it has lost the direction of life. Do not know is it because Yu Yingnan helped him bandage over the wound, this time Bai Gu Yi smile actually a bit, with a gentle smile in the gentle spring, eyes in the moonlight, but also want to hide the light.

  The more I look, the more obsessive she gets, the smirky one asks, “Why do you laugh and the stars are flashing in your eyes?”

  Bai Gu Yi stammered, a flash of surprises actually flashed a smile. Did not answer the British men’s problems. Salute her: “Time is late, and we’ll stop there.”

  Finish white Gu Yi turned into the depths of the woods, the British male reluctantly looked at the white figure that disappeared wipe, until the figure was blurred think of it, she even forgot to tell the benefactor, the hero’s own name.

  Annoyed stomping stomping, and regardless of each other do not hear, directly directed at the distant shouting, “Hey, benefactor, hero, remember.

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