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The Legend of Zu 2 Chapter 8

Think of that tragedy three years ago, Yu Mei Jiao now think the heart is still hurting, thought for a moment, asked Wang Thunder: “Then you can have both law?

  ”Of course, there is a way to let the guardian to stabilize the red soul stone.Xuanji door is not also predictable, Inch is our guardian of the last generation of the fire Levin? Then, he not only to appease the red soul stone, but also Can destroy the heart of the red soul.

  Wang Jinglei while talking, while looking at Ying-qi, others hear his words will also cast their eyes on the British odd body.

  Only soil is anxious, he looked at Ying-Qi changed back to black eyes, urgent: “No, no, now that the power of the guardian of Inch has been lost, how he soothe the red soul stone? Let him now destroy the red Soul stone, not in vain?

  Hearing death, a pure fire Li people have opposed.

  King Thunder was Azotie refuted, see the tribe again, his face cold moment down, “do not try, who knows the mystery of the machine said true and false?

  Suddenly, all around quiet, everyone staring at Inch, staring at his dim chest, once the mark as a guardian of scars.

  Yes, once. In years ago, Ichigo had lost his ability as a guardian. What he can do now is only a few basic rituals.

  British odd see it, stood up.

  Take a deep breath and look at the vagaries of ethnic groups, said: “We are assured that I, as a guardian, will make every effort to restore the power of the guardian, to protect everyone comprehensive.”

  ”Inch … …” Yu Mei Jiao impatient. This is not obvious … .

  Yu Yingqi prevented her from going on saying, “My mother, who lost her guardian power as a guardian, was derelict from duty. For so many years the tribe has been enough for me. Now that I have grown up, I have to assume what I should undertake.”

  He just finished saying that a child ran in with a rabbit. Innocent rabbit will be given to Inch, “Inchic brother, you see I caught a rabbit outside.”

  The rabbit arrived in the hand, English odd subconsciously took, who knows turn over to see, do not see the rabbit ears with a garland.

  Garland some naive, little looks unusual but familiar.

  ”Is not the British man’s white rice regiment it? How can this? Is that silly girl into the Blackwood?” Think of here, do not know how the British odd heart suddenly speed up, illegal channels bad sound …

  She hurriedly gave the rabbit Stuart, hurriedly confessed, “Azu you take care Ixia rabbit, I went to the Blackwood trip.”

  His speed so fast, so when the crowd react, I Ying Qi hastily left. Called Li fire around the people, are surprised in the past. The king who had not finished his plan yet had an angry look.

  ”I Ying Qi, are not over the memorial, how can you as a guardian leave midway?”

  Ke Ying Qi has long been out of the ice altar, where he heard his words.

  Do not know is not the king thunder roared the rabbit, rabbit suddenly broke free hand, bounce, even ran out of the hole.

  ”Ah! Rabbit.” Ah soil, afraid of it lost, chased up.

  Watching one of the two are gone, the king thunder is even more angry, the eyes of the chill arrived at the fixed point, watching the hole without a shadow, with the out.

  Leaving only ignorance of what happened to the fire Li tribe, and the look of Yu Mei Jiao.

  Yu Ying-men in the wake of the smoky smoke, they were hidden in the valley Gu Bai Yi. She was very afraid of fear, but also worried about his benefactor hero lost to injury, for a time all anxious eyes red.

  She was staring at White Gu Yi, afraid he had any unexpected. Although the value of our own force is not good, but at least, it can be a warning officer.

  But she was worried about Bai Gu Yi, but forgot he was in a quagmire, as she stared at Bai Gu Yi around, but behind her quietly climbed several groups of black smoke.

  I do not know is not dangerous in the depths, vigilance ability improved, Yu Ying-men back a sudden cool, she trembled back, just saw a large group of black smoke rushed to himself.

  Scared she quickly fell out of the grass, “ah! Do not come here!”

  Bai Guyi hear the sound after the meeting looked, frown frightened, trying to save the past, but was blocked by the path of conscious black smoke.

  Yu Ying-men see smoke wrapped Baigu Yi, I know I’m done. Looked at the black smoke hit to himself, closed his eyes in fear.

  In the nick of time, suddenly out of a shadow in the grass, the British man fell to the ground, Kankan escaped a fatal blow to the smoke.

  The collision on the ground, as well as the familiar warm before, so that Yu Ying-men know that he was finally saved. But she still a bit tired, watching the Ying Yingqi should not appear here, she asked blankly: “Brother? How do you hit here?” Does not mean to go hunting?

  Yu Yingqi did not have time to answer her because after they had dodged that group of black smoke, it came back again and again to the second tool, but fortunately McGonagall’s skill, with Yu Yingnong rolled aside, Unforgettable will be the side of the abandoned wooden clubs kicked out, great wooden sticks, after more than invincible hair attack, with the naked eye can not see the power rushed past, just concentrated in the center of black smoke, black smoke dissipated.

  At this time Yu Yingqi have time to ignore the silly sister who always trouble. She slap shot in the British men’s brains. Still force the British men to eat pain, angry look, his mouth was grievance beeps.

  ”What are you doing ?!”

  ”Why is not that you do not matter Blackwood? You are my words when the ear winds?” Although Angie Qi angrily, but his eyes still quietly looking at the body of the British man, see her without injury was only a little relieved. “

  By British odd such a curse, even more wronged, already afraid of red eyes, it is red. Faint tears burst, she clutched Yu Yingqi fall on her sleeves, explained: “I’m sorry, but, I can not ignore the rice regiment ah …”

  Two people are saying, see the two around the black smuggled to talk, one after another, want to attack from two people. One side just break the besieged Bai Gu Yi instantaneous dodge blocked off.

  He looked at Yu Ying-nan protection behind him and quickly made a defense Yu Yingqi asked: “You all right? Now is not the time to chat.”

  Yu Yingqi certainly know now is in danger, instantly looked around the environment doubled, picked up the two sturdy branches on the ground, one gave the British men, one holding their own, three back to form a triangle, to face together Black smoke surrounded by rounds

  He readily repulsed an attacking black smoke and said to Bai Gu Yi, “Thank you very much for saving my sister.”

  Bai Gu Yi did not think he would be grateful at this time, stunned a moment, “hands-on labor.”

  Then he rushed to a large black group, broken Yu-ruler in his hand emits a soft green light, the green light with the deportment of the grim spiritual power, have been hit in the smoke have plummeted.

  Bai Gu Yi is a monastic person, to deal with these dirty problem is not large, while the English odd though lost the power of the guardian, but he is, after all, capable people, with a wooden stick to repel these, is still possible. Only men who are ordinary people have some difficulties.

  Originally, she was afraid, after just a double scared, already no effort. Although holding a wooden stick can make a difference, it is not a long-term solution. When she repelled a faint smoky, trying to catch a breath, a huge group of smoky lurking smoke had suddenly hit the British man. The British man did not find it. The English odd man found it.

  But his hands are still hanged with smoke, a last resort, can only say wooden throw, talk back smoke, but they are desperate when in front of the British men.

  ”No, brother!”

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