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The Legend of Zu 2 Chapter 7

the other side.

  Yu Yingqi, who is going to hunt, said in fact they did not really go to hunt. Instead, they came to the depths of Blackwood to hold a memorial ceremony in the ice plate of the sacred land of Li people.

  Almost all villagers in the village are fire Li nationals.

  Every year, they come to the ice altar sacrifice this year, offering sacrifices to the deceased ancestors sacrificed three years ago, incidentally suppressing the different fires in the fire from the Li nationality.

  In fact, the fire Li people were not called Hu Li long ago. They are just ordinary ordinary mountain people who depend on logging and mining for their livelihood. Living in the mountains, life is bitter, but also enjoy themselves.

  Until one day, an accident happened.

  A mountain people hit the location of the red soul stone when mining, suddenly cracked rocks, red flashes, do not know the imminent villagers heard the sound.

  The merciless soul that gathers this evil force breaks through the hills and floats in the air with dazzling red light.

  At this moment, the clouds in the mountains shelter the sun, the sun is blocked, and heaven and earth seem to only leave this stingy red light. The mountain people were shrouded in red light and nowhere to hide. Gradually, their chest gave birth to a burning force. It turned into a golden flame and left the villagers everywhere.

  Some mountains are even burned by the flames in the body.

  Wherever they go, they are all set to ignite by them, the moment of the forest or a hell of fire.

  Fortunately, heaven mercy, when they ran away to find the place where you can suppress riot Dan fire – the ice altar.

  However, the ice can only temporarily suppressed, and can not be long. In order to survive, after the ancestors of the fire Li ancestors to help the library volume, insight into a secret machine Xuanji, given the animal fire, was able to protect their lives.

  However, these conditions are conditional.

  Fire is a sacred animal, and can not be present in the world for a long time, so every 24 years it will be in the fire Li tribe selected a child who has its energy, give him the power. Let him to suppress the red soul stone.

  He is the guardian of the fire Li nationality. Shoulder stable red soul stone, guardian tribe’s responsibility.

  Can be known to the world, red soul stone is the most evil, it can always swallow all the people and things around. Therefore, the guardian of each generation is stable at the same time, will also sacrificed his life. Time limit, twenty-four years …

  This generation, after a long time of the 48th generation Guardian is Yu Yingqi.

  Yu Yingqi at this time is with Li Li villagers standing in front of the ice altar altar, watching the red flame above the altar, the atmosphere solemn and solemn.

  The ancestors who have lost their fame have actually started the flame of gas that was thrown from the hands of Yu Yingqi.

  Watching the fire on the altar began to move, Yu Yingqi up the stairs, came to the altar in the middle of the circular flat. After the release of the guardian of the power, with the power of the Phoenix, the original clear and clean dark eye pupil, I do not know when it became a solemn gold.

  While staying in the bottom of the fire Li people neatly bowed first bow, watching the ice into the British odd odd.

  As the flames moved and embarrassed, Inch approached the center of the altar in front of the group of prosperous fire, raised his own hand, the flame from his body.

  Yu Mei Jiao stood on the side of the ice altar, saw here, but also gas in the palm of the red Dan fire, looked serious and said: “Three years ago today is the day I’m suffering fire Levin I name of the elders Oath: Forever remembering the close relatives of blood relatives who died in the riot disaster, so that the dead may rest in peace!

  Yu Mei Jiao interlocution, fire under the altar of the Li ethnic people have raised a flame in the palm of Dan, surrounded by gradually sparks into a prairie fire one.

  All fire Lai people will fly in the hands of the flame of ice British altar, the flame in all directions in the hands of the British odd, the more exuberant. Until the flame on the British odd hand rose, he roared, subcutaneous gold line out of the fire, blouse was overflowing flame burned, exposing a juvenile body.

  But he did not control these, and quickly the flame against the center of the ice red hot. The red fire exposed to the flames suddenly burst into ice and floated into midair, turning it into a red firewood of the premarital flames. The fire was ringing and the flames of the body illuminated the entire icy ice plate.

  Fire out, the place where the original fire, red Sheng, faintly visible a red exudes a sinful stone. And at this moment, the sign of England’s strange chest as the guardian becomes brighter and brighter. In the surging energy, he devoted himself into the red soul stone radiating red. The energy instantly collided, crushed, All swallowed and destroyed in a flash, the red light is instantaneously converged, heaven and earth attributed to a dark.

  After all is done, the British odd in accordance with the usual first knee, right hand on his chest swear, crisp sound resounded through the cave.

  ”When the ancestors were on the island, the guardian of the 48th Belt of Bruneian, Yu Yingqi, vowed: In their lifetime, they will do their best to defend the Huili clan and will Heaven bless the Brits.”

  Yu Mei Jiao and fire Li people immediately followed: “God Bless the fire Levin!”

  Language closed, the fire has been flying in the air made three loud grief, also announced the end of this memorial ceremony. Fire Li people looked grieved, Yu Mei Jiao led the tribe bent down to worship the fire.

  But no one found that, when everyone leans over, no one looks good for the king thriller looked slightly, look complicated look at the British altar in the ice altar.

  At the end of the memorial ceremony, the rest of the Beres are gathered around the ice-covered altar, and several elderly seniors close their eyes and cherished their prayers.

  And Wang Jinglei the most not to be these, came in poor tone, “three years, and its prayers, not as early as one day to figure out what happened three years ago.

  Three years ago today, the Dan fire in the fire Li nationality suddenly changed and the body burnt with fire, which also led to the death of many people.

  Three years ago, it was not the most active time for the Red Soulstone to be suppressed by the forces of fire. According to the truth, there should be no tragedy in three years.

  Hear these words, the side of the soil is also puzzled, “Yes ah, our Dan fire has always been the only red soul stone will break out, but the red soul stone is only active once every 24 years, three years ago should be Stable period is right unless … .. “

  Wang Lei thunder immediately answered, “Yes, we should have seen three years ago that day *, there are a few light from Shushan, across the black forest over I guess the other side that balance the red spirit stone Five Elements牒 spit of scattered light.Without the balance of the Five Elements, the soul of the Red Devils will be different, I think it is time to explore the situation of the Red Soulstone now.

  But Yu Mei Jiao wanted more, retorted: “But we all know that the red soul stone Shushan has always been in custody, unless we confirm that there is indeed wrong, or we have no position to be accountable Shushan. And over the years, the world is thought Fire Levin has disappeared, if we openly to Shushan, will reveal our identity and where.

  ”But now we are going to the active phase of the red soul stone, if the red soul stone really went wrong, when everything is late.” Wang Jinglei got up with some excitement, “who knows when the tragedy will not Staged again?! “

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