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The Legend of Zu 2 Chapter 6

Yu Ying-men do not want to stay in the deserted courtyard, holding the gift received back to the room.

  She was sitting at the table with her cheeks, teasing himself named white rice regiment of white rabbits and turtles, angrily murmured: “That Uncle Wang is true, always fierce, as if I had a birthday is wrong I’ve been waiting for you with the rice ball.

  Yu Ying-men poked the white rabbit jumping on the desktop, see the side of Yingying readily hand-tortoise crawling slowly, but also played a teasing heart. She ordered a little non – stop shrinking, giving it a name and said: “Although you are Yu Yingqi sent me to perfunctory, but since all gave me, or give you a name.

  ”How about flying? I hope you grow up after can run fast. To fly, you and rice than the group, who in the end who run faster.” Saying turtle flying and white rabbit group On the ground, who knows just let go, white rice regiment ‘咻’ suddenly rushed out of the door, disappeared without a trace.

  Scared Yu Ying men quickly chased up, “white rice balls, where do you go!

  Yu Ying-men follow the white rice ball all the way, actually unwittingly came to the Black Forest.

  ”Stop, stop ah! White rice regiment, you do not stop, I’ll drank your soup.” But can not be a white rice ball group, how can understand people say, a bounce, Yu Ying-men Angrily jumped into the dark woods.

  Yu Ying men holding their knees, panting stopped there. When into the dark black forest deep darkness, she was afraid of a few steps back, very embarrassed.

  Into, or not into it?

  Niang said there are many monsters in the Blackwood, never let me in.

  And, here, really scary ah!

  Yu Ying-men look carefully inside, which was dark, obviously or during the day, the dark woods, even a trace of the sun are not shining, like a monster grew up mouth.

  Yu Ying-men want to turn around, but stopped between their feet.

  Very tangled: “If Xiao Lang knew I had lost his white rice regiment he sent me, will be very sad.” Xiao Tong Xiao small partners, British men bite their teeth, or ran blindly eyes closed.

  I thought, come in will be fine, big deal, really monsters, run it wants.

  Do not know is not the action of Yu Ying-man awakened the crow hiding in the darkness, just as she stepped into the Blackwood, a few birds flew over her head, quacking, only shuddered.

  Yu Yingnan hold back the fear of heart, cautiously shouting to find, “white rice regiment, where are you?

  If Yu Ying-men and then pay more attention, she will find tall trees in the dark woods, but all the darkness, as if what was burned the same.

  She shouted again and again the white rice group did not give you do, unknowingly entered the depths of the woods.

  At this point, the British men saw a dark dark forest, as much as a pink. Could not curry, curiosity, closer look and found that it is a lush cherry tree, the tree fall colorful, there is a woman wearing a white hood cloak, a witch dressed, is back to myself.

  The two sides of the tree are left and right two roads leading to different directions respectively.

  White rice group, where to go?

  For a sudden appearance of women, Yu Ying-men should be afraid, but do not know why, looking at the man’s back, she not only not afraid, but also … a little cordial? !

  British men also can not control why they have such a strange sensation, and now find the escape of the white rice group, standing behind the woman, holding his voice carefully asked: “Excuse me, may I ask, do you see a white rabbit it? White rabbit with a wreath. “

  Do not know if it is too soft, the woman did not seem to hear the same, still back to her, do not speak.

  At this point, a piece of petals fell on the woman’s shoulder, the British men want to touch the hand, the woman suddenly reached out to the left hand.

  British man was interrupted action, the whole person a little bit of stay, along the direction of its fingers and asked: “Is this here? Thank you!”

  Yu Yingnan left ran to the left, so miss the look of the captain reincarnation took off his hood, was actually jade face.

  Darkening sky, the more dark dark wood deep, Yu Ying-men go inside, the more feel cold and powerful, but also terrified.

  But she still did not give up looking for white rice regiment, she carefully avoided scattered branches and leaves scattered on the ground, and stone, shouting side by side: “white rice regiment, white rice regiment !!!”

  She looked conscientiously, did not notice at all, the quiet strange tree is curl up a few pieces of black smoke.

  After the black smoke rises, continues to the British male body to approach. She controlled her instantly in a moment without any notice of her.

  British men can not move, chill constantly brain run, eyes were scared wide.

  She could not wait to see what kind of ghost thing stuck himself, the black smoke climbed up along her feet, and instantly locked her body, went straight to Yu Ying’s neck, wrapped her, her whole people Dragged into the air.

  ”Save, help … …” Volley fear more fear of fermentation, Yu Ying men body, and even the neck are locked, breathing difficulties, almost the entire body can not move, only waving his hands and shouting.

  In her mind gradually blurred, thinking that they have to meet when the king of Hades, a Yu-ruler volley, the black smoke instantly smashed.

  Yu Ying-men fell from the height, was a man dressed in white, embrace his arms.

  This she came to see the face of men, handsome men look, facial features, the wind blowing his hair, so that Yu Yingnan can not help but look blankly. Instantly forgot the frightened.

  Bai Gu Yi was seen some uncomfortable, his face slightly biased to the side.

  In fact, he was able to save Yu Ying-men just because of the death of the deceased, they wanted to worship, who knows only to hear someone shout. He was honorable for the sake of man, and he could not help but see him, so he came. Fortunately, also be rescued in time.

  Yu Ying-men’s eyes have been watching him, but also see the move away, uncomfortable Bai Gu Yi thought she was scared, gentle and stable, “Do not be afraid, Black Wood deep-seated, but something evil thing nothing.”

  White Gu Yi escort in the arms of the British men simply could not hear what he was saying, all seemed to be around the rest of the general, animal in nature watching the white fluttering man, muttering, Have you become human? “

  Here hundreds of miles radius no one, only to escape just not found white rabbit, white rice regiments, Yu Ying-men thought it was a white rice regiment turned into a hero to save the United States.

  Bai Guyi heard Yu Yingnan whisper, some doubts, but more is funny, he laughed at Yu Ying-men, said: “white rice regiment? I like?”

  Yu Ying-men had been fascinated by this handsome man to save his life, but also by his smile, it is impossible to find north.

  Heart excitement, you want to growl: “God, he must be my hero in the dream, that is, the hero that emerged in my dream, or how would save me when I was in danger? Ah, birthday Wishes really come true!

  Just when she wants to express their excitement, the smoke resurgence, menacing, more ferocious attack in the White Gu Yi behind.

  Yu Ying-men are facing a black smoke, scared: “Be careful!”

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