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The Legend of Zu 2 Chapter 4

However, Xiao Yue think there is another next cheat, just as he and the sea fishing three brothers and spoils, ready to go to celebrate the birthday of Yu Ying-men, the more you want to think more and more wrong big fat man back to a carbine.

  Indignant Xiao month a few people, commanded to bring two thugs, “Well! So you guys are really a group of! Do not life it! Brothers, give it to me!”

  Xiao Yi measured the enemy, I found that hurriedly overthrow the brothers found the sea in the past, quickly pulled Xiao Lang turned around and ran.

  Xiao Lang was pulled running, head kept looking back, “father, how do you no matter the sea fishing three uncle ah!”

  ”Son, you have to remember, for the brothers to be knife and knife on weekdays, but the crucial moment to insert a brother and two knives, sea fishing Uncle’s great demeanor there is always a chance to repay.

  Xiaoyue blind, and the sea fishing brother’s horror, Yu Ying-men simply do not have time to watch, if she was aware of Xiao Xiao Xiao Lang chaos irrational inculcate truth, will definitely give him a grinning.

  She was removed several usual Xiaoyue will go to the place, have not found, it is best to ask people know Xiaoyue sea fishing money, was found again. When they arrived on the scene, the sea fishing three brothers, it really became the bottom of the pot ravaged sea fishing.

  Yu Ying-men know they can no longer stay, and quickly turned to Xiao Lang’s home run. In accordance with the past, after Uncle Hsiao finished plug two brothers knife, will run home to drink.

  Yu Ying-men holding the remaining fried chicken along the way, kept shuttling in the crowd, from time to time to copy a trail to the nearest place to run. She ran very fast, not long ago arrived Xiao Lang’s home.

  In fact, Xiao Lang and Xiao Yue is just back, not calm down the fear of being hunted down, Yu Ying-men who came knocking on the door, scared both jumped up.

  Fortunately, Xiao Yue, after all, saw more chase, though whispering how to cheat money this time will catch up, but still think about the response policy, quickly facing his son Xiao Lang said: “Son, copy guy!

  Xiao Lang also purify a face, nodded, the rabbit B side of his arms, open the cupboard, pull out the linen on the body set.

  Men outside the door to see so long no one to open the door, still thought Xiao-hui father and son did not come back, open the door, who knows the door to see, the scene was scared silly eyes.

  Xiao Yue with flour between his face pale, are closed his eyes, lying in bed loaded dead. And his small partner Xiao Lang is plutonium, is crying in bed.

  But also cried soiled cracking, “father ah! You die so good ah!”

  British men took a long time to nausea convulsive facial nerve, said: “Uncle Xiao, the last is loaded crazy, this is dead, so really will not be exposed it?

  Xiao Lang crying is sad to hear the voice of the British men, breaking tears and quickly ran to hug her, “British men and sisters, we are going to prepare the past to give you a birthday it!

  Xiao Yue see nothing, gave a breath, pulled out from the white linen bag, and drank again. Until the mouth, and the stomach is full of alcohol, before: “It is you ah, as early as the sound ah, made me paste his face a look of flour.”

  British footsteps along with the British footsteps came from the British men behind, see this scene, can not help but shake his head and smiled.

  Just when the British men wanted to ask Xiao Lang to pack up, with their own past, the hospital came noisy sounds, less than two seconds, just hit the sea fishing big fat man broke into with people. Scared British men quickly Hsiu Lang hidden behind.

  Xiao Yue response fastest, “fast, fast dressing, fast crying.”

  British men have seen several times the act of Xiao-Shu, second understand, with Xiao Lang on the glance, quickly grabbed the ground of Mai, kneeling on the ground. Xiao Yue just talking is like a dead body lying back to bed.

  Woohoo crying, accompanied by big fat fierce feet, in this unusually open house, the first strange dust.

  As soon as the big fat man came in, he shouted: “Xiao Yue, you get out of me!” Behind him also followed by two strong horse thugs.

  Both men and women will be on you, only the Inch surprises have not yet reacted to stunned in place. British men worried about wearing help, secretly pulled his sleeve, so that he also knelt.

  Differences inside the crying, just as Yu Yingnan just see, big fat to see such a plot, shouting, then stuck in the throat, Zhang mouth, like a mentally retarded, blankly.

  A long time before reaction: “Just good, how to cross here?”

  Xiao Lang cover up, wipe the tears did not exist, cried: “My father has never won so much money, a happy, it smoked over.”

  British men at this time also help cavity: “Yes! My uncle Xiao, ah, you are so good, how to go?”

  Yu Ying-nan for the first time involved in such a scam, afraid of his laughter, in the ‘mourning’, laughing with a fierce beat Xiao Yue twice to prevent really laugh out loud.

  Xiao month pain, but can only endure.

  Big fat suspect came Xiao Xiao side, bow down to look Xiao month from scratch. See if he really passed dead

  Just then, boring rabbit do not know when to jump on the bed, skipped from Xiao Yue’s face.

  Rabbit white and tender rabbit fur on such a wipe Xiaoyue nostrils, temporarily unable to bear, Xiao Yue Haruki hit a big sneeze, snot saliva, all look down to his big fat face spray .

  Everything happened in a flash, when British boys want to save, it was too late.

  Was sprayed with a look of big fat man, is killing his family looked at them … … No, is looking at the initiator, Xiao uncle.

  ”Xiao Yue! You are fine! I think you are really not fate!”

  Xiao Yue where life is not fatal, he pity to not.

  He Hehe smile, eyes gazing yo turn, for the hands, keep moving forward. He said: “Brother, uncle, brother-in-law ah! Have something to say, so to speak!”

  Can be a big fat man is not a good person, today not only been fooled money, but also being a fool when playing, is an individual will kill. Let alone temper had not good big fat.

  He wiped his face away with nausea and wiped away the dirt on his face, and commanded the thugs who stood behind him: “Give me a fight, fiercely fight!

  They? !

  British men heard the key words, subconsciously seize the hands of Inch. At the same time, English odd back to her, obviously, he also heard.

  British odd hurriedly British men want to flee. However, they have been watching their big fat, how would omit their action, and even had always thought that he carefully cautiously Xiao Xiao move, he had seen through.

  ”Stop them, and no matter today is an accomplice, no one wants to do so.”

  In this way, after the calamity, all four became ragged, disgraced … beggars were more normal than they were.

  Xiao Yue’s face was labeled as a panda, British odd mouth also hurt, Xiao Lang chaos hair but also holding a rabbit. The three people face fairly good, at least not sad. Only today’s hero, we want to celebrate the birthday of the British men, a new dress was pulled a large piece, do not know is not distressed finally dressed in new clothes, his face stained with tears.

  See here, Yu Mei Jiao holding his hand, sighed, just wanted to leave, got the breath of the British men, Yingchi and Xiaolang invariably pointing Xiao Yue said: “He hurt!

  Yu Mei Jiao looked Xiao Yue, Xiao Yue totally ignored, but also arrogant digging his nose, wine hiccups.

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