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The Legend of Zu 2 Chapter 11

Early morning when Sunshine.

Busy overnight tired to take care of British men lying on the edge of the bed, fell asleep.

  When Inch woke up, I saw the calm and beautiful face of the girl, who was often very lively and confused. After falling asleep, the girls look a bit less dynamic, but even more delicate and beautiful. Like a first time.

  It has been a long time since I did not see her, British wonders.

  Since three years ago, when he rescued her and lost her memory girl recognized him as his brother, he seldom saw the girl falling asleep.

  Do not know what to think, Yu Yingqi had also suddenly remembered the demeanor has become pleasant, mouth micro-hook, smile on his face to show. Her eyes slowly fall from the face of Ying-men, see her dressed in thin, kept shivering shoulders, quickly put away his smile, deposited in the forehead cooling towel, struggling to get up, hold the British boy Bed.

  ”It was a silly girl, cold did not know to wear more clothes.” Although he was such a complaint, but his actions did not stop, his only quilt cover Yu Ying-men.

  Just when he was leaving, felt the warm British men suddenly groping and hugged the British odd, British odd completely did not expect such a move, whole body stiff.

  The body temperature is getting warmer British men are now dreaming, dreaming of holding Inch is fried chicken, murmured: “fried chicken, you are not allowed to run …”

  Ingenious listening, irritability and funny, bow, I saw the British snuggle in his chest smashed his mouth, and slept in the past. He could not help but smile at this place. Tweaked her little head, “silly!”

  At this point the distance between the two very close, the face almost close to the face, even the other face fluff are clearly visible.

  Sleeping girl unsuspecting, British odd staring at the face of British men, eyes deep, dark oceans surge, as if confused, he slowly close to her, wanted to kiss her, but suddenly paused in the next second It’s

  He saw the bruised and scars on his neck that way.

  Hands, I do not know when touched up.

  This scars, in fact, is not that as it is said that the wild boar get. In fact, when he first saw the girl Dan attack he was bitten. Later, in order not to be identified as an outsider, she lied to a girl who completely lost her memory, saying she was naughty and was hurt.

  If the British men know, will beat him!

  In the British odd cranks, the British actually woke up in vague. Still in the half-faded eyes suddenly opened, playing England odd caught by surprise, out of hand too late to recover, let him panic.

  Inch did not know what to do when confused British men suddenly looked in front of their own, familiar face, puzzled, “brother?”

  Brother this word, it is like a bomb, bombed I Ying Qi kick will still be forced state to the British off the bed.

  British men completely did not expect that they will be treated like this, ah screams, landing. Angry but her angry quilt stood up and pointed to Yu Yingqi, a great war of words.

  ”I’m the strange guy you I conscientious! I take care of you one night, you actually graceful revenge ?!”

  Yu Yingqi can not let the British men see themselves at this moment of uncomfortable, quickly turned his back. Bored and said: “This is my bed, who let you come up … you do not look in the mirror, the face is swollen, ugly dead.”

  Do not apologize, but also be 怼 Yu Ying-men there by him, gritted teeth, while furious, while jumping on the bed toad power riding on Yu Yingqi’s body, “Well! I’m scared to death now, see where you run.

  Said to reach out and grab the hair of Yu Yingqi, Yu Yingqi scalp ached, across the quilt struggling to resist.

  At this time, I heard the sound of Yu Mei Jiao took the breakfast came to the door, saw two brothers and sisters played a ball again helpless and funny.

  ”Yo! Look at both of you are alive and well, it seems not how hungry. Then I go first … …” Yu Mei Jiao marching to go, you can hear the British men willing to let her go there, and quickly scraping Ran over, hugged Yu Mei Jiao, and then took a piece of cake from her plate.

  Eat, have not forgotten to complain and spoiled, “Mother, we eat fried chicken today is good?

  Yu Mei Jiao where do not know what she thought, funny point of her muster cheek, spoiled Road, “you ah you, simply make fried chicken to do your mother forget!” See Yu Ying men eat in a hurry, Hastily reminded, “Oh, you eat slowly, no one with you robbed.”

  Yu Ying Male hehe back to her a bright smile to answer, carefree look, see I Yingqi some lonely.

  In fact, he did not want Yu Ying-men’s brother, he did not want to. From seeing her at first glance, when she rescued him at the last minute, I Ying never thought to be the girl’s brother.

  However, looking at the smile on the British men’s face, and the innocent eyes shining, he eventually endured.

  Worth mentioning, as long as you can be happy every day, my love when your whole life brother. .

  After that, after a few days, when they completely rest in good condition, they resume their daily lives.

  This day at noon, Yu Yingnan lunch, want to find Xiao Lang play, have not go out, the sky came the bell drums ringing voice. The vigorous sound came long, intensified in the air, alarming the mountains off the bird, leaving some people have a dream, the purpose of people rose.

  Of course, these people include the worm who has been staying in a small village. Since the bell remembered, his heart has not been lower than two hundred low, until the number of bells ring after the number of uncontrollable excitement, the wind ran out of the general house, cheering Yu Jia Inn ran.

  Wang Lei is finishing the umbrella at the door to see the worm ran, thoughtfully stood up.

  Bug scholar ran to more than a year in front of the door, ID Satan holding a large umbrella to come, regardless of whether he is at work, pulled Ah Tu dance. Excitement Road: “I wait! Ah soil, I finally waited!”

  ”You are more careful! The umbrella can not be sold for any money.” Azu was dragged by a scholar of the worm to move his sword and wiggle some umbrella in his hand.

  ”With this news, what are you breaking the umbrella!” She mysteriously took Azusa whisper, but because it is excited, the voice is still great, he said: “I tell you, Shushan Crocus finally To enroll!

  They both alerted the action of the British men and British odd, it came out, I heard the best news.

  ”What ?! Shushan Cang Hui enrollment ?!” Yu Ying Man incredible look at the worm scholar, “really fake?”

  Inch frown, also asked: “will not be your crap, right?”

  Insect talent very anti-laughter, “Yu Ying-qi, you dare question the conclusion of my worm scholar ?! Just a mysterious bell and net drums happen at the same time, do you know what it means?

  British odd not to ignore whether he is really angry, funny joke, “that Shushan and Crane Market to be opened together?

  The worm sutra rolled his eyes and ears, “This is the bell drum Qi Ming know ?! Where there are important things will ring, and now the two factions at the same time ring seven seven forty-nine, the official with the door, Guang Na Liang The meaning of the so-called bell drum will, Huai water soup, worry and injury … … “

  Insect syllabic more can not stop speaking, spit bouncing, endless, so that the British odd long had rolled his eyes do not want to bother. The British men as early as the Cess Church heard when enrollment, it automatically shields his nonsense. Cheers run outside. Fortunately, British odd has been watching her, pulled her collar and asked: “What are you going?

  Bounce, injured how to do?

  British men struggle, want to leave, “You let go, I want to tell the news Xiao Lang, we have to test the ruins together!”

  Ying Qi did not let go, subconsciously refute, “What is good Crane Market? Shushan Wei Wei atmosphere, is the wise choice, you have no point ah?”

  No vision of Yuying man no matter, facing him vomiting tongue, proud of, “Who want to fight with you Shushan, and I want to test the market to pay my ‘white rice balls’ Bai Gu Yi go!

  English odd smell a loose hand, British men and feet fall to the side quickly jump, for fear of suffering again.

  Not familiar with the hands of the weight, so that British odd some discomfort, murmured to ask her, “Bai Gu Yi? The last time you saved the Blackwood forest that?”

  British men do not answer, only Chong Yingchi made a grimace, ran out of more than ran off the house.

  At this time the reaction of Abe came together, and some excitedly patted Inch shoulders, “Inch, if you are admitted to Shushan you can recover the power of the keeper …”

  Aborigines such as stature, loud voice, British odd fear not yet far away to hear the British man, quickly covered his mouth.

  ”You whisper! Let her hear what to do?”

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