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The Legend of Zu 2 Chapter 10

Loud echo echoed in the dark wood, but also lining here empty secluded cold.

  Cold wind blowing, Yu Ying-men subconsciously hold their arms. While rubbing his arm, muttered: “Do not know the hero has not heard !? But, no matter, always goodbye .When goodbye, be sure to tell his own name .Is so happy! “

  Yu Ying-men decided the decision is not entangled, they began to look up, looking for Bai Gu Yi Ziwei said.

  The trees in the black woods flourish, looked up vaguely visible high in the air starry. Today, cloudless, silvery white stars in the black shiny sky, actually strangely some counseling.

  Yu Yingnan looked for a long time, do not know the so-called Ziwei in the end is that one, my mind a little Mongolia. “What the hell is that purple MSI ah?”

  Looking for a long time, still can not find the study, Yu Ying-men on some irritation.

  Do not know is not the heart of trouble, she always felt a bit cold here, think of just the battle of life, she felt that they really can no longer stay here. So casually find oneself think the most shining star as Ziwei, go in that direction.

  In fact, do not blame Yu Ying male illiterate, do not know the so-called Ziwei. Really, her memory is limited, wake up three years, too late, but no one taught her these, she can understand strange.

  As she looked up and confirmed her direction, she held her hand to the stars.

  The dark woods at night are colder than the daytime and more devious. Occasionally, I heard a few weird bird sounds, jarring and horrible sound, Yu Ying-men go further and more afraid, the body shiver cold.

  Do not know how long to go, legs began to numb. Not seen export. Under the fears, Yu Yingnan’s eyes started to flushed again. “What’s the difference between meteor and micro-star MSI?” She muttered, trying to disperse the fear in her heart.

  Suddenly, in front of the grove came a burst of movement, I do not know how the British men remembered the previous smoke, scared quickly grabbed the ground branches do not listen to the wave of want to self-defense.

  ”Do not have something out, do not have something out …” She silently said.

  The next second brush fretting, it seems that something emerges, the British man ‘ah’ threw the branches in his hand out. Who knows indeed Yu Yingchi stumbled came out. It was just too late for the British man to withdraw, some thick branches bang into his head and then bounce off. However, it seems as if there is no perception of British odd straight to British men.

  British men are still worried about him, did not ease over, it was caught by British Inch shoulder. Familiar warm close, and his worried handsome face, British odd voice hoarse asked, “You … are you okay?”

  English men shook his head, blankly, “brother …” words are not finished, the next second British rockets were hugged into his arms.

  ”It’s okay, okay … you’re okay.”

  British men do not feel the British wonder that she was relaxed after nothing, so hugged him, the cold body gradually began to pick up, has been forgotten by themselves, as well as just the fear of life there to emerge. On the body close to the two, I hugged Yu Yingqi, wronged.

  ”How could you leave me alone?” She asked, hammering at Inch’s chest and asked to cry.

  ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, brother promised you, will never leave you no matter.” Just the scene also surprised the British odd, not because he was almost out of control Dan fire almost dead, but almost lost Yu Ying-men.

  He was afraid of losing Yu Ying-nan, he was afraid Yu Ying-men die, holding his hand, strength can not help but increase.

  Yu Ying-nan by his force into the breath out of breath, the hearts of fear all loose, rolling his eyes muffled and said: “My brother … … I was almost suffocated you … …”

  Yu Ying Wizards let the British man let go, gentle touch her head, smiled.

  British male sorry turned around, looking around, the sky has completely dark, dark wood looks more horrible than just now. She swallowed and said: “Brother, let’s go home quickly, here dark blue, too scary …”

  British men looking at the view, together with the really dark around, also did not notice the Inch strange face. Of course, Yu Yingqi did not want her to see it, he took out early in the morning like a small ice cream sachet to be given to the British men, finger fretting, sachet metal hollow pattern in the side of the warm golden light. Instantly, light up their little ones.

  He placed the shining sachet on the man’s palms and said, “How old are you, and also shoot the black?

  British men will be holding sachet in the palm of your hand, happy even afraid of the night forget. “Sachet! It’s so beautiful. I’ve always wanted one.”

  Yu Yingqi so handsome looking at British men, followed by a smile, and efforts to tighten their own body, let it fall. He knew he was a bit messy, regardless of just under the Dan fire, run away regardless of physical condition, very dangerous, but he still wanted to determine whether the British men are in danger, or want to accompany her to leave the Blackwood first.

  He looked at the British men, his eyes slowly blurred, “fine Oh like, not too late … British men, happy birthday … …”

  Finished, he could not hold his sentence, a knife ah British men’s shoulders.

  Suddenly the weight of inexplicable Yu Ying men flustered, she pushed the British who pushed the odd, “brother? Why?

  But no matter how she pushed, Yu Yingqi did not respond, coupled with his breathing can be scalded hot, scared British men quickly put his hand on his face, like a fire burning.

  ”Brother, what happened to you? How was the body so hot? Do not scare me!”

  Just remember that Yu Ying-meng is about to cry out, Yu Mei-jiao and Yu Tuo follow Yu Yingqi arrived. A soil will British earthquake on the shoulders.

  Less hot body, Yu Yingnan quickly worried about pulling Yu Mei Jiao hand, crying: “Mother, my brother what happened?”

  Yu Mei Jiao looked at Yingchi did not reveal the strange, only to comfort the British man, “she will not have trouble, we go home.”

  Yu Yingnan looked coma Yu Yingqi, nodded, and now only so. She ran to Satsuki and caught Yu Yingqi’s hands hanging in the air, calling out: “Brother, we’re going home now. Do you hear me? Brother? You’re fine.”

  Do not know whether the British men are too noisy, or call really play a role, coma British odd murmured sentence, “What is my brother, you are not my sister … …”

  The voice is very small, even if the British men closer, the phrase is almost no words, soon disappeared in the cold.

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