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The Legend of Zu 2 Chapter 1

It is night again.

  There are flames of light in my dreams.

  Yu Ying-men on the burning and people’s cries opened his eyes, without exception, saw a sea of ​​flames.

  At this time she was in the dark woods, trees in the forest towering, the original should be very deep dark forest now the fire everywhere, the raging fire is more like eating beast, constantly flock to innocent fire Li people .

  Tribal people have escaped. Originally thought far away from the fire on the tribe, but in the process of fleeing, suddenly subcutaneous fire, heart pain, pain roll, purgatory instantly formed –

  This is her dream.

  From her memory, this dream is always wrapped around her.

  The fire spread deeper and deeper, as if conscious, follow the escaped tribe, slowly swallowed around the ice altar.

  The ice altar is a sacred place for fire and sacrifice worship of the Li ethnic people. It is surrounded by ice and does not know whether it is a sudden low temperature relationship. It has been a very arrogant fire disaster that slowly weakened.

  Yu Ying-nan, who escaped from the same tribe, knew that the arrogant fire was not weakened at all. It was just ‘rest’ and ‘adapting’.

  Once it has adapted to this low temperature, it will kill again.

  However, Yu Ying-men can not remind her because she is still in a dream and her tribe can not hear her. She can only worry in the side

  At first, she did not cry out of her throat to tell the truth, telling the tribe the truth.

  However, Yu Ying-nan, who has lived through a full three-year dream, will not do so.

  Because she knew she cried again throat, the tribe can not hear. And there is no need for her to do any worthless work, because at the critical moment there will be a hero here, her tribe will be free from disaster damage.

  Sure enough, the sky suddenly touched the silver petals, like the butterfly in the dream of the general passing over the front.

  Yu Ying-men’s heart suddenly Yi Chan, quickly turned to see hidden in silver petals, the man’s figure.


  The man finally appeared again.

  Yu Ying-men excitement hard to self-sustaining, hands clenched, looking forward to look and scared to the sudden appearance of the man can not see clearly.

  Yes, in three years, she did not know who the heroes who saved her tribe in their dreams. Grow into what it looks like.

  But this does not affect her expectations of the hero.

  Yu Ying-men ready to see heroes flex its muscles, saving the people in the hot water when the fire should have been cruel and heroic slaughter, in vain to back.

  What’s going on here?

  Is it because today’s own birthday, so wish to achieve it?

  Yu Ying-men thought of three years, he hopes to see the true wishes of the hero’s birthday.

  As long as the flame extinguished, the hero will appear, this is three years the British men have been looking forward to. However, after all, the dream is a dream, always wake up from a variety of accidents, so that she did not see the true nature of the hero until now.

  So, this time, she can achieve it? !

  She can see her dream hero, yes!

  Think so, Yu Ying-men regardless of the fire has not completely extinguished, and quickly ran forward. Even if a fire mission to her hit, she no matter, rely on the skill to hide, hid in the past.

  ”Who are you?” She exclaimed as she ran. No matter if the hero in the dream does not hear it, “Who are you?

  Seeing the distance with the hero closer and closer, Yu Yingnan face can not help but smile. Petite also reveals the baby fat face, in the light, in vain some enchanting.

  ”Hey, who are you? I must see this time, who are you?”

  Just as she was about to reach behind the man, the man did not know if he had sensed it and slowly turned around. Yu Ying-men instantly widened his eyes, and even saw his face floating mouth.

  He is talking!

  He said: “British boy, you are here.”

  He actually answered her!

  Yu Ying-men almost fell in excitement, want to say: yes! I am coming, all of you will show me your true content!

  Closer and closer hands, but also with trembling, Yu Ying men quickly hit the shoulders of men, the accident occurred in vain! A flare hit from the side, fiercely hit Yu Ying-men’s hands ………

  ”British man, got up!”

  ”Ah!” Yu Ying-men heard Jumei Jiao harsh shouting, subconscious scream, suddenly woke up from the dream. She quickly lifted her hand and was slightly relieved when she saw it intact.

  Fortunately, my hand is still there.

  However, soon she found it wrong.

  Surrounded by warm and simple, as well as sunshine from the left side of the ledge irradiation. Let the whole cabin soaring, warm, where there is a dangerous terrorist fire? !

  This is clearly the little room she has since memory.

  ”Ah! A rare opportunity, just a little bit, just a little bit can see his face! God, ah, today is my birthday, how do you do not want to help me?” Yu Ying-men is crazy, Grab cover the body of the quilt bite a pass. Tears and tears!

  However no matter how annoyed she was, her voice was still urging: “I! British! Male! No longer, I give you the chicken legs!”

  Hear the word chicken, Yuying male channeling up reflex.

  Chicken legs, is her lifeblood. In order to chicken, she does not tangle the man in the dream, quickly got out of bed.

  In order not to let their own mother really chicken to the damn brother, she picked up the new clothes on the table while she shouted: “I am up! Up!

  Yu Ying-men move quickly, from dressing to finishing hair, no smell of incense.

  No way, all for chicken!

  From her memoir, she has only three wishes.

  One is the daily chicken drumstick to eat. The second is that damn Yu Yingqi, never to grab her chicken. As for the third what, of course, is the hero of her dream. If she can, she can give her all her chicken legs if she can help her meet heroes.

  Wear so well, Yu Ying-men did not forget before the bronze mirror some beautiful, and even turn around for several laps. Today, she was wearing a red dress, beautiful and beautiful color lined her like a flower buds budding.

  Well, sure enough, my most beautiful!

  When she wanted to go out when she was satisfied, she had no time to take back her eyes and she was stopped by the scarring marks on her neck. Subconscious hand touched it.

  Start some potholes, in a delicate white skin, especially conspicuous.

  This scar, already existed when it woke up three years ago. Listen to the mother said that because of their own naughty go out alone to play, encountered wild boar was bitten. Although later rescued and saved her life, she had a fever for several days. When she woke up, she forgot her name.

  However, it is no big deal. Do not remember do not remember. As long as you have a happy day.

  So thought, Yu Ying men quickly from the side of the shelf picked up a chicken embroidered ribbon around the neck, the scar block. Hurriedly ran out of the door again.

  She wants to eat chicken legs too!

  ”Yu Ying men, call your brother get up!”

  Yumei Jiao outside the yard saw Yu Yingnan ran out, immediately shouted her, she rushed to call another lazy pig.

  Yu Yingqi, Yu Yingnan’s brother, grabbed chicken legs with her all day long and bully her asshole all the time.

  Hear these words, Yu Ying male dissatisfied hanging hands, a look of hatred.


  She dissatisfied thought: If there is no Yu Yingnan barbarian words, she promised, she will be happier!

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