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The Legend of Zu 2 蜀山战纪2踏火行歌 Episode 11-20

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 11

British men, British odd, Qi Lingyun, Bai Guyi four feelings between the more tangled. British men have been concealing the love letter to Bai Gu Yi failed, Bai Gu Yi but well aware. Silently looking at the two intimacy of the British odd, by Qiling cloud wine worry, but drunk into the British men in bed. British odd while taking advantage of British men sleepy, stolen by Jiujin British men. Qi Lingyun due to love Bai Gu Yi, late at night and Bai Gu Yi secretly learn martial arts, but out of control outrageous mood. Qi Lingyun in flustered, actually killed in order to tell the head to threaten his own gold ninety-nine. All disciples think that the name of He Shou Tang Shou door to Xuanji Ji, while receiving a treasure back to Shushan. A pedestrian in the green capsule under the leadership of departure, heavy rains on the way, a pedestrian had to stop the night on the old temple. Several young people playing that night each other lottery quiz games, a few people’s emotional disputes intensified in the game. Bai Gu Yi and British men half-covered answer, mutual courtesy. Ying Qi was coaxed and Qi Ling Yun has been adored, Qi Ling cloud attracted anger. British men are worried about Qi Lingyun all the way to follow, the two met in the bamboo trapped in the trapped generous decent. British men want to rescue fell into the trap together. Qi Ling cloud hesitate on the side, the unwilling to save the British man, until the White Gu Yi and English odd arrived, the three shot together to rescue the British men want to generous three rescued. Generous decent people from their own homes, will be a gift to the British men to show their gratitude, promised the British men will achieve her three aspirations, if necessary.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 12

The next day, everyone arrived in Xuanji door, see Xuanji door Tang head, together with the memory of echo stone records. Tang Qimen to Qiling cloud and Bai Gu Yi immediately left, escort the first back to Shushan echo stone. Other disciples leave temporary rest. That night, the British odd through the eyes of Xuanji Door Cangsai see the tragedy of the Li nation inside the fire Li tribes, anxious to go back to help the tribe suppress Dan fire, escape without asking the British men secretly walked away. Inch back to the ice with the strength of casting snow god sword to help families suppress Dan fire. British men lonely due to the departure of White Gu Yi and the British men endless, and Tang headdress occasional kiosks, in the process of consulting the mystery of the Goblin, lead the Tang head to the memory of the dead daughter. Xuanji door birthday feast, Don Tang lost his daughter Tang star suddenly appeared for many years, flesh and blood recognize the time, Tang star has shot and killed his own mother, and robbed of life contains the memory of the Tang head echo stone. When everyone was shocked, Sha Yanhong arrived Xuanji door, trapped with ice cover the crowd, forcing the British men surrender Jinling Xuan, Song Jiming distress signal. Inch odd to save the British men at the expense of fire to prohibit themselves will be transmitted back to Xuanji Ji, beaten by the bangs fire bite. Baigu Yi Xuan Xuanji door to save men, but was chasing clouds to stop and punish, trapped in the crescent. During the war, Bai Gu Yi used to appear as a rescue to save the lives of British men. However, the green capsule was severely hit by Sha Yanhong, repeating the tragic scene on Shushan three years ago. The key moment, Barry streamer scattered Sa Yanhong distraction.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 13

After the immortal palace broken Xuanji door, Mexican extraordinary disciple rushed to Xuanji door, I saw it was a mess. Inferior men asked Bai Gu Yi whereabouts, surprised that he did not arrive at the scene. Public disciples are picking up the pieces, Xuanji door Shuntu generous casual with the half-closing disciple of insect scholar belatedly, stabilize the situation. Tang was informed that the door was actually disappeared for many years daughter killed, personally questioned the captured Tang Xing, Tang Sin was found captivity after falling into oblivion has lost its mind. Green sac unconscious, dying. Generous decent to save the green capsule will be placed in the echoes before the cliff, with the echo stone into its dream to awaken the green capsule, but see the memory of Shushan three years ago, known to die in the war ZhenLiang and want to die Knot. British men come forward to wake up into the dream of the young man. Xiao Yu exposed his identity decided to go away with his son again, Xiao Lang refused to take life, Xiao actually had a fire burned his home. Xiao Yu finally Yu Mei Jiao persuasion gave up the runaway, but because of homeless stay more than a year. Fall immortal palace, Sha Yanhong due to see the old lover Barry streamer, recalled the old love and drink alcohol worry. Zhang Wentian get the lotus Lin day because of the sadness and drunk Sha Yanhong, think of his former lover, the two ambiguous atmosphere. British men back to Shushan see Bai Gu Yi everywhere, that he has been locked into the Creeks denied punishment forbidden. British men alone into grams of Cliff to visit the closed guards Bai Gu Yi, found the secret of Bai Gu Yi Tama wood avatar.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 14

Ba Gu Yi to the British men Road Tamagata avatar self-proclaimed ability to tell the day is his personal use of gold down Jiujiu down the mountain, I am afraid his image plummeted in the mind of British men, but Bai Gu Yi candidly do everything for the protection of British men, British men forgive Him Yingqi chest was wearing fire chest wear and wounds, wounds difficult to heal, see the British men and women have stagnation, in turn to comfort the British men. Xiao Yue returned to the village in drunk, saw the villagers were massacred, one group of miserable. Xiao Yue see a shadow is to take Xiao Lang, desperate to call out the sea to recapture the bow, but found the shadow is Sha Yanhong. Xiao Yue recalls past events, mixed flavors. Everything was originally a bird watching to create a fantasy, designed to force Xiao Yue admitted that it is Barry, and hope he can come forward to host Xuanji door overall situation. Xiao month depressed, unwilling to face. However, in order to restore the ability to protect Xiao Xiao, Xiao Yue decided to quit drinking. Fall immortal palace, Sha Yanhong Tang recorded in the memory of the eternal life of the stone stone, saw many years ago, one-way long for one’s own affectionate Xiao Yue was expelled from the door, its moving. Zhang asked the day you see the British men’s face flash, greatly surprised. Sha Yanhong suspicious of strange identity is the fire Levin, expected to set its goal is red soul stone, asked Qi Ling Yun Ying Qi to exterminate. Qiling Cloud leads to the British odd, forcing him Dan fire outbreak, was finally discovered by all disciples, the British odd again in the trance bite the neck of a British man.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 15

Ying Qi bitten British men’s neck in Dan fire outbreak, but unconscious in the past. British men rescued the British odd from the follow-up of disciple of Shushan, find the strange odd wound actually self-healing. The two finally escaped the crisis, but everyone found the golden ninety-nine burnt corpse in bamboo forest. This matter caused a great uproar in Shushan, Cang Hui, Chang Mei and chasing clouds of people thorough investigation of this matter, some people think that night to see the “fire” corroboration proof is fire Le people killed Kim Jiujiu rumors four, chasing Cloud would like to take this opportunity to investigate whether there are flames in the joint class. Nine birds with shadow bottles to test fire flames, to Shushan disciples in turn undergoing tests. Incontinence embarrassed to accept the test, but safe and sound. Ying Ying was originally shot for the British won the play hit cover, and alone summoned with Chang Mei Ying Qi. Inch odd readme innocent, Chang Mei Yingqi to help find the real culprit. As a golden coroner, Gu En considered himself the murderer of Bai Gu Yi, who confessed in private to see evidence. Instead, he made Bai Guyi aware of the suspicion of murdering Qi Lingyun. Bai Gu Yi Qiling cloud at the fruit really see secret cultivation Zhu Yan grass, but pretend to save it. On the other hand, Xiao Yue, who predicted that Song Ji-ming was killed in a nightmare, hurried to the Xuanji Gate and eventually failed to stop the murder. The murderer was Tang Xing.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 16

Xuanji door kill killer Tang Xing was detained, Xiao Yue Xuanji door entrusted to generous decent, his fake attendant Shishan same, but also to raise eyebrows Ping Man array. Generous decent and seven sects sent Qiushu Shushan, a total deal to deal with immortals matter, decided to choose from Shushan disciples, “Lord of the Holy Spirit,” the search for spiritual priest task, grab in the red before the collection of five spirit dispatch. On the other side, Xiao Yue sneaked into the Valley of the Voodoo, together with the bird shadow Yingji Ling reset to quell the Jian Zhen. Xiao month covert down the mountain, saved by the mad dog attack Xiao Lang. Xiao month meteor dropped to his son, teach them to self-protect as a weapon. British men stole male disciples clothes secretly entrusted to the British odd to replace the fire burning clothes, so as to get rid of its fire Levin suspect, but it caused Gu Si suspicion. Gu think to chase clouds, suspicion British men are all British magical fire Lai Chai, chasing cloud design so that British men Yingchi drink fire Lily tea, to induce exposure within the body Dan. Shushan on the ring set to phase elimination of the selection of “Lord of the Spirit”. Bai Gu Yi deliberately lost to Gu Si in accordance with the agreement, causing controversy. In the British Inferno duel, the British odd odd body but also defeated, secretly fled the arena. Hideo hid in the room, seeing the body’s fire lily blooming soon out.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 17

British Odd lizard fire in the fire, Bai Gu Yi entered the room for its treatment. White Gu Yi promised to be the British Inch Hide-fire identity, was surprised to learn that the two are not brothers and sisters, only the British odd is the fire Levin. Chasing cloud arrived drink Gu Gu Yi, is about to identify the identity of British odd, outside the door but suddenly ignited Lai people appear again. I saw the kitchen Master Kong whole body on fire, alone against the people of Shushan, actually take the initiative hit the sword death. Long eyebrow and bird shadow according to Master Kang’s sign of fire burns speculated that this person is not fire Lai people. Ying Qi found that Master Kong left his family book before his death, instructing Hideo to keep his own identity. Master Fang was the secret to stay in Shushan. To protect himself and sacrificed himself, he blamed himself. Inch told British men want to Shushan, to the British men to grant advice to generous man for help, to escort generous decent name down. Competition, the British defeat to Bai Gu Yi, and the Invisible Invisible sword has taken the initiative to return to the hands of British men, the British men eventually become “Lord of Mercy.” Qi Lingyun came back to fall immortal house, to report the glittering red sand Yan event. Zhang asked Heaven has been heard from the head stone echo Tangshan Fukuya Valley Jian weaknesses, to Qi Ling cloud briefly in the moment of failure of the Jian Zhen Velvet stone. Zhang Wentian clothes under the Anemone Lin Tang medicine that no longer photophobia, intends to attack with Shushan on Shushan, was sunburned, more determined to seize the red soul stone rescue their wishes.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 18

Inch back to a small village, with Master Kang self-immolation asked Wang Thunder, to know the Inner Mongolia fire Li tribes desperate. Invincible endless loss of their incompetence, Yu Mei Jiao talked about the British odd eight-year-old was chosen as the last generation Guardian when the scene Scenario: The old British incendiary was sent to the Valley of the devil to destroy the red soul stone, and his father Yu Feng came forward on behalf of its death, the British lost since the guardian of the power of force. Yu Mei Jiao encouraged Inge to inherit his father’s behest, Inch odd to rekindle Shushan, away from home. British male due to see Bai Gu Yi and Qi Lingyun coexist and feel depressed, find a Tianyi Mian chat. Tianyi dust encourages the British men to Bai Guyi confession, advice and suggestions Bai Gu Yi appointment. Bai Gu Yi and British men in bamboo mutual grudge, deep feeling cut. White Gu Yi and British men were caught chasing clouds. Back to the Cang Hui, chasing clouds rebuked Bai Gu Yi practice favoritism, deliberately lost Jinling Gao, regardless of Qi Ling Yun and disciples to block whipping Bai Gu Yi. Bai Gu Yi body by whipping, the British men learned quite worried about, to give Bai Gu Yi medicine was rejected by its indifference. Invincible Advocates advised around the crowd in the room with Dan fire Bai Gu Yi treatment of wounds. Two people talk about the feelings of the British men, the British odd brother to dispel the concerns of Bai Gu Yi brother and sister. British men to Qi Lingyun Bai Gu Yi ask the reasons for punishment, Qi Ling Yun hurriedly hide Sha Yanhong action orders. The next day, by Shushan everyone unprepared, Sha Yanhong has arrived in Shushan knot outside.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 19

Xiao Yue suddenly caught in the fantasy casino, predicts Shushan was Shayan red breach, the British men were killed. Xiao Yue insisted on the mountain alone to prevent the tragedy, Xiao Lang secretly tracked his father. Shushan, the British men were officially appointed as the master of Ginandan, injured disciples but Messaging Shayan red break Shushan enchantment, Chang-Mei led all Shushan disciples down the hill. Shushan neglected to be defensive, Qi Lingyun into the Valley of the Volendi, with the aid of the gap to win the Red Devils stone, but has long been ambushed British men in this British catch. Yingqi want to destroy the red soul stone, actually found this red soul stone is only a phantom, the real red soul stone is not in the Valley of the devil. British men and strangers escape Qi Qun clouds fight, Bai Gu Yi appear for Qi Ling cloud block the next palm, Qi Qiyun cloud. The original Bai Gu Yi Qi Ling cloud identity, had planned. Bai Gu Yi desire to fall immortal palace, Qiling cloud fog sands donated to give Bai Gu Yi ring. Tianmen Peak, Shushan and Fall Immortalong wars are in full swing, Sha Yanhong with Tianxuan Star Sand to a rival. Qi Ling Yun Bai Gu Yi came with the cloud reinforcements, chasing clouds see Bai Guyi mutiny, blood hearts and mind defeated. Sandy red red heart stone is known as a phantom matter, hostage to take the British men to take Ging Lin. Just when Shayan red start, Xiao Yue rushed to open the British men, but to make Sha Yanhong injured Xiao Lang eyes. Sha Yanhong just recognized his son, remorse extreme. Monster Feng Feng asked Heaven’s emergency called Saneyan retreat, Sa Yanhong will be grasping the British immortal palace.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 20

Immortal Palace, Sha Yanhong Bai Gu Yi left to kill the British men, robbed to come to the table with determination. Baigu Yi stabbed the British men, taking away the body of the Goblin, and Qi Lingyun away. Bai Gu Yi original just follow Chaoyun Order, undercover immortality, involuntarily. Inch rescue rescued in despair dying British men, save it back to the village, Yu Mei Jiao to take care of, he immediately went to Shushan to seek red soul stone whereabouts. Chang Mei finally uttered the secret, the original red soul stone already disappeared with the Five Elements disappeared three years ago, while the Jinling 牒 is the key to call back the soul of the red soul. Bai Gu Yi with Jindun face see Sha Yanhong, Sha Yanhong temporarily believe Bai Gu Yi loyalty. Bai Gu Yi side from the mouth of Shayan red fog meaning Sand Star, the original is Qiling cloud of love things. Sha Yanhong let Bai Gu Yi and Sha Yan Department of a life-threatening, thus containing White Gu Yi. Bai Gu Yi want to return the fog star sand Qi Ling cloud was rejected, had fun. Xiao Lang Zhong Tian Xuan star sand and binocular blindness, only the immortal palace have this antidote. Xiao Yue see Xiao Lang still optimistic, could not bear. British male unconscious, nightmare ridden, British odd and Yu Meijiao day care. Yu Mei Jiao told Inch, when Xiao Yu and Yu Feng together to destroy the thing of the red soul stone.

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