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The Legend of Zu 2 蜀山战纪2踏火行歌 Episode 1-10

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 1

Shushan above, the head of eyebrows Meng Shushan and Shushan guardian of the red soul stone was taken away by the mysterious man, saw one end of the world scene. After eyebrows woke up, they found that the balance of the five elements of the Red Soulstone was absent, leaving only the Gingin Ling, lamenting that a bigger crisis is coming. When the four goblin is dissipated, the fire Li ethnic from Middle-earth spontaneously ignites due to the red soul stone, killing and whacking many scenes like hell. Changmei bring disciples down the mountain rescue, do nothing, suddenly disappear astronomical phenomena, the riot before the crowd gradually calmed down. At the same time concerned about the matter there are countless countless immortal palace. Fall fairy palace received only female disciples, under the leadership of the palace chief Sha Yanhong, became all the evil forces on the rivers and lakes. The fantastic weather disaster, Sha Yanhong is considered a good opportunity. Take advantage of Shushan door no one, with the public offensive on Shushan, want to snatch the red soul stone. A fierce battle, Shushan sacrificed many disciples life, eventually Sha Yanhong defeated. Unexpectedly, the rabbit escaped when the British male teased, the British male to pursue the rabbit into the dark wood alone, met the mysterious prophecy witches, met the strange smoke attack, but fortunately was suddenly appeared Bai Guyi save, adore him. On the other side, Inch ice in the altar, accepted the mission of protecting the fire Li nationality.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 2

Inch and fire Li tribe in the ice altar, by the fire of life officially become fire Levin Keeper. British strange to see the British lost rabbit, guess English men in the dark wood in distress. Inch for sister, under the pressure of tribal left in the memorial ceremony midway. Inch in the dark woods, found Bai Gu Yi smoking British men from the black smoke, while the British odd body Dan fire suddenly out of control, the king thunderstorm saved the ice altar. Three years ago, Inch saved the British lost from memory. Not allowed to let her sister know the identity of the Inquisitors, can only stand alone Dan outbreak of pain, and his heart buried British love, but also because of its memory and can not tell. Shushan above, Chang-mei is the same Cangrui head chasing clouds to see the two camps against disciples. Shushan Mo ink extraordinary won the game, due to chasing cloud proud disciple Bai Gu Yi not out at this time in the mountains worship Cang ruins of the late disciples Zhenliang. Three years ago and fell fairy palace a war, Shushan in Zhen Liang sacrifice, the position of big disciples has been vacant. Chasing cloud Changmei filed recruit students to add strength martial. Coincides with the Shushan Cang Hui joint enrollment, the news came so small village and village excited. Fire Li Clan secretly negotiate, took the opportunity to destroy the Red Shushan Shushan stone to fire Li Ren Dan fire bitter. Invincible volunteered to insist that he was admitted to Shushan, he will restore the guardian of the power of the guardian tribe and his beloved. On the other side, British men and Xiao Lang also similar to the same Shushan examination.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 3

Bai Guyi missed the contest because of offering sacrifices to his old friend and was punished with chasing cloud whipping at Cang Hui, reminding him of the warnings of rejuvenating Canggu. White Gu Yi at night inside the room to heal, listen to the sound of the next door broke a long piano, was originally a veteran and Zhen Chen love green. Shushan enrollment, in order to seek talent, chasing the cloud is to send Baigu Yi off the mobilization test, but in fact test the candidates. Gathered at the foot of Shushan countless people want to enter the Shushan, originally no one cares about the small village, began to lively up. Bai Gu Yi, who came to the village to send certified light par light, the same unitary time arrived in Blackwood. In preparation for the exam, the British men and Xiao Lang with the sword as a random test of the sword, was Xiaoyue stop, Xiao Lang at home trapped. Yu Mei Jiao Yin Ying English for the first time left home, reluctantly. Eve away from home, the British man in the nightmare exposure to the sea of ​​fire, but in front of the mysterious back is his love Bai Gu Yi.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode fourth

Ingenic left home, accept the King Thunder and Yu Meijiao asked. All set off to Shushan, but Xiao Lang has yet to come, so he was locked in Xiao Yue home, prohibiting them on the Shushan. A pedestrian came to Blackwood, under the guidance of the disciples such as Bai Gu Yi Crocodile to withstand the test of night Shushan. Night hiding in the dark woods in the cave, met a monster attack, Bai Gu Yi to save the examinee was swallowed by monsters, Qi Ling cloud eventually wounded monsters, with the candidates back into the hole enchantment. In the enchantment hole, all the people unable to do anything, met the enchantment was betrayed Kim 99 broken cave led to the collapse of Inch in the critical moment to protect British men. All of a sudden everything is beginning to recover, and Bai Gu Yi appears, explaining that all this is an illusion of the content of the trial. Except for the “dead” worm scholar and the other natives of Assam who passed the trial. Before Tianmen Peak, Shushan held an introductory ceremony to distribute martial art to candidates. The desire to follow Bai Gu Yi joined Cang Yu Yu men, witnessed the witches in the hallucinations, overwhelmingly wrong was divided into Shushan.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 5

Qi Lingyun in the division of the martial art, because of trial cold in the teammate died, much controversy, the final chase clouds will be admitted Canggu door. The freshmen of Shushan and Cangxu were visited under the extraordinary Ink and Bai Guyi respectively to know the origin of Shushan and Cang Hui. Cang ruins disciples in the sky to take their own weapons, Qi Ling cloud removed with a highly toxic silkworm spirit, but did not hurt. Night, Qi Ling cloud alone in the room with Sha Yanhong, originally she was sent Sin Temple Shushan sent. Qi Lingyun ordered the life of Sha Yanhong Shushan mission, but the vagaries of income was Cang revenue. Miss the task of her punishment, Bai Gu Yi night visit Qi Lingyun, care to send herbs detoxification, make her moving. Young British men and other new disciples in the allocation of dormitories ready to go to bed, British men secretly came to Shushan and Cangxu junction of the submarine cable, peep across the white Gu Yi practice, but also meet the witch. Witch asked the British men, a year later today, when the volley of blood, you must kill those who have the soul of the Red Devils to save the lover. After the witch disappears, leaving the British confused, the fate of White Gu Yi full of worries. Night forever in the city, Zhang mysterious mystery appeared, accepting everyone bow down.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 6

Shushan started the first day, disciples were brought into the sword market to find their own exclusive weapons. British male pulled out a remnant sword only hilt, but actually attached to the invisible gold sword jin. Ying Qi is controlled by the deceased of the deceased brother Zhenliang Zhu Shen Liang Shen Guanguang sword, everyone was surprised. In order to test whether the British men fit to become the owner of Jinlinglao, Finishing Shadowball in the class rigorous test of British men. British men barely meet, so that British men in front of Bai Gu Yi shame. Xiaoyue forbidden Xiong on Shushan, Xiao Lang pique go away. British men heard that a small village village children go away, expected to be Xiao Lang. British men down for fear of being worried, but was mistakenly believe that negative gas down the mountain. A small village in a fire, Ah Tu rescued the fire sea girl, but inadvertently Dan fire broke out, almost exposed the village fire Li identity. Inch received the thunder of the secret letter, said the red soul stone in the Valley of the Fords. Inch odd exploration, in order to relieve the seal of the red seal of the serpentine Qiling cloud followed. Ying Qi Xiao Xiao is about to prohibit Xiaolong on Shushan, Xiao Lang pique go away. British men heard that a small village village children go away, expected to be Xiao Lang. British men down for fear of being worried, but was mistakenly believe that negative gas down the mountain. A small village in a fire, Ah Tu rescued the fire sea girl, but inadvertently Dan fire broke out, almost exposed the village fire Li identity. Touch the red soul stone inspired Jian Jian Zhen, barely resist, Qi Lingyun in the side also by the sword array attack, injured to flee. In Mexico is uncommon to lead his disciples into the Valley of the search Valeo intruder, trapped British mysterious people were taken away by the mysterious man.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode seventh

Xiao Lang and the British men rely on the visceral sword in the cliffs of the residual sword, save the life back. Xiao Yue came to rescue two people, British odd also just arrived. Xiao Yue actually kidnapped self-directed fake drama. A pedestrian returned to the village, Yingqi was brought to the ice throne by the King Thunderbolt, saw Dan fire more uncontrollable fire Levin, in particular, Abat has been out of control, British odd determined to vow to control the law of Dan fire as soon as possible . On the other side of the city in the night, Sha Yanhong to Huanlian lotus conditions, with the help of Zhang asked the day to Changjing sent back Tianxuan Star sand. British odd and British men and good, re-Shushan. In front of Shushan, privately down the two were captured by the bird shadow, bird shadow ordered the two went down to go home. British odd to accompany the British men kneeling in the rain the night, bird see two sincere, set an agreement, then two people can not be tamed if the sword will be expelled from Shushan. English men odd English both diligent practice, British odd but because of their Dan and bored by the cold back bite, and finally fell ill. Impatient of the British man Yan Yin Ying who ordered, stole the peak of God steal access to the collection of books. British men know there is a dew on the crescent can solve the exclusion between the owner and the sword, she decided to steal the submarine cable.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 8

British male into Cang Lu, Bai Guyi with the help of get the dew, but the precious dew is limited, she chose to be saved by the cast snow God anti-bizarre British sword so that he can easily control the sword. However, the test is near, but the male himself is unable to control the invisible sword more and more. Under the cynicism of Nestle, she pretended she would be out of Shushan because she could not pass the test, so she quietly said goodbye to all. British men go to the White Valley Yi Do not say, Bai Gu Yi could not bear the British men injured in the test, so Professor Yu Cangxu mind to keep life at a crucial moment. Test day, the British won the successful control of cast snow Shen Guangjian passed the test, the British men have repeatedly failed, unable to self-defense with the residual sword into danger. At the critical juncture, she finally strengthened her determination to stay in Shushan and succeeded in overcoming her invisible sword. However, she was held accountable for chasing clouds because she resorted to the mentality of Bai Gu Yi to teach her own. White Gu Yi came out for the British boy pleasing, long eyebrow also open one side of the British men. The original forced British male tomb to recover Jinling 牒 is the eyebrow plan. After some negotiations, Shushan and Cang ruins decided to jointly teach their disciples, a joint class is about to begin. The two factions will elect the best disciples in the joint class to take over the Gintama and lead the crowd in search of the other four cantatas. After chasing the cloud, they must be qualified to lead the crowd in search of coffin to revitalize Canggu. British men learned that Bai Guyi helped the British men through the test, understand the friendship between the two, secretly decided to let go of the two.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 9

Sandy red then Zhang asked the sky into the fairy palace, the two plan to obtain the red soul stone, robbed before the Shushan won the dissipation of the Five Elements. Sha Yanhong arrested various sects little girl, training Immortal Immortals dead, but because of the past and reborn. Zhang asked the sky because of the blooming anemone lotus and distress, he went to find Shayan red crashed Shayan red sad past, when the two have some sympathy, Zhang asked the sky but because of the light and facial fester. Shushan joint class officially began, all disciples admitted Tsui Cui Feng began training, Bai Gu Yi and other disciples of the Cangxu Ying Men Ying and other disciples Shushan a class. Shushan teacher Yan Renying and Cangxu teacher different sacred sacs sac louis vuitton sac louis vuitton sac louis vuitton sac louis vuitton sac louis vuitton sac louis vuitton, sac louis vuitton, sac louis vuitton | Students are eager to see the two factions fighting against each other and into more difficult training. Green capsule arranged a “search for weapons” test, all the students at night to take away all the weapons, hidden bamboo, so that students look for the specified time. Dust will be put on the green capsule kick incense burner to get rid of the fog, but the release of toxic smoke, endangering the lives of students. In order to save the dust to break into the toxic smoke, the British man actually collapsed on the way, but fortunately was Inch and his party rescued. Green capsule and white valley finally arrived, to disperse the toxic smoke. Green capsule hope everyone can take care of the overall situation, rather than just look ahead. Disciples who failed to complete her task were punished, Tianyi, Diliuban bitter heart.

The Legend of Zu 2 Episode 10

British male and white Gu Yi red line phase, mutual love 愫. Tianyi Dust Necrosis at night you want a green capsule, but unexpectedly triggered the other side of the heart of the sad thing that the Green Capsule angry, to take Tianyi dust to question. Qi Qiao Festival is coming to an end, the British man brewing to Bai Guyi confession, but was interrupted by disputes between the Green Capsule and Tianyi dust, to know the Green Capsule and the late Zhen Liang’s unfinished love. British men will be another love letter entrusted to his friend and roommate Qi Lingyun, to give it to Bai Gu Yi. How love letters can not be sent to the hands of Bai Gu Yi, but inexplicably into the sword spectrum, Kim Jiujiu open reading in the classroom. British men shame endless, the British odd for its rescue. British men think it is for her letter Qi Ling clouds, guess Qi Ling Yun Bai Gu Yi affectionate. Golden nine nine pushed by the mysterious man cliff, broken legs. Ninety-nine one is bound to be Bai Gu Yi by the way, to the front of the door to seek justice, but in the face of chasing cloud Changmei exposed vicious beaten penalty closed thinking. Changleiying Ying Yingying Yingqi summoned volts Valley, to give Jinling Gao homing but repeatedly failed, desperation plan to Xuanji Tang head for help. Qi Ling cloud letter falls immortal palace, Sha Yanhong learned that the Golden Ghost will leave Shushan, secretly planning. Sandy red star sky Sand Magic fog out to please Zhang Wentian, she plans to attack Xuanji door, but not afraid of Xuanji door animal. Zhang asked to offer days, from the dungeon to send Tang Xuanji door.

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