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Taiwanese Drama Year 2012

  1. Absolute Boyfriend
  2. Alice in Wonder City
  3. An Innocent Mistake
  4. Confucius
  5. Die Sterntaler
  6. Dong Men Si Shao
  7. Dong-Huachun Barbershop
  8. Drama Go Go Go
  9. Fondant Garden
  10. Hui Jia
  11. I Love You So Much
  12. Ia Ia, I do
  13. In Between
  14. KO One (2012)
  15. Lady Maid Maid
  16. Love Forward
  17. Love in the Wind
  18. Love Me Or Leave Me
  19. Love, Now
  20. Man.Boy
  21. Miss Rose
  22. Once Upon a Love
  23. Summer Fever
  24. Sweet Sweet Bodyguard
  25. The Songs Of Soil
  26. Ti Amo Chocolate
  27. What is Love
  28. Wishing for Happiness
  29. Wo Men Fa Cai Le

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