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Animal Type Lovers 動物系戀人啊 (2018)

Animal Type Lovers
Also known as:  動物系戀人啊 / Dong Wu Xi Lian Ren Ah / Animal Department Lovers / Dong Wu Xi Lian Ren Ah / Animal Department Lovers,Animal Type Lovers

Genres: Drama, Animals, Romance
Episodes: 20
Country: Taiwan
Network: Sohu TV
Release Date: Mar 14, 2018
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  • Chang Ray as Qin Hao
  • Chung Gillian as Chu Zhi He
  • Sui Sonia as Fen Ni
  • He Mike as Wang Da Shu
  • Lin Allison as Sun Ke Fang
  • Hung Ken as Jie Lin

Animal Type Lovers 動物系戀人啊 –   It tells the story of the prostitute Chu Zhihe, who grew up in love with the stable Wang Dashu. The whole drama is characterized by a number of emotional lines, focusing on the love philosophy of urban women in different states. The source of the name of the play is also very popular. It is reported that the director hopes to match the character of people in love through the analysis of animal habits, such as the combination of two seemingly different animals, such as giraffe and squirrel. A kind of love, get along with the pattern of contrast, from a relaxed, interesting, novel perspective to explore serious urban love, sweet and cute coexistence.

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