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Unrequited Detective Chase Hinako

Unrequited detective chase Hinako (Novel)
Other Name: รักข้างเดียวของยัยเพี้ยนฮินาโกะ / 片思い探偵追掛日菜子

Genre: novel
Yume Tsujido (辻堂ゆめ)
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Oikake Hinako is a dreamy girl. Falling in love with someone easily
Stage actors, sumo wrestlers and prime minister!

She knows according to data collection of ‘The person you love’ all along. Although knowing that it is only one love that may not be true, but why all the men she likes Was involved in a strange case In any way or all?

No … people like Hinako have no way to defile the man in their dreams. Or become an unlucky victim for sure! For the love of high school girl So transform into a top detective!

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