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The Secret of Jin Lian

The Secret of Jin Lian (Novel)
Other Name: ความลับแห่งจินเหลียน / 金瓶莲

Genre: novel
Dong Xie Ari Ari Ching (冬雪 晚晴)
439 + 12 special
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Ximen Jin Lian, a young woman from a rural family dreamed of changing her life for the better, praying to lose herself until graduating and working in Shanghai, the city that never sleeps. this

But the truth is not a nightmare that was drawn when a boyfriend who intends to live together betrayed without pay attention.

But then … on the night that she had nothing left, the person who loved Ximen Jin Lian was given a special talent that she herself could not have imagined …

“The ability to see through the objects” along with the golden lotus pattern that appears on the back of the hand led to Ximen Jin Lian, who had nothing to enter the industry ‘jade gambler’, became a ‘princess Of the Jade Circle ‘within an overnight … If wanting to know how much special power of Jin Lian is, then how much can change her life?

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