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The rest of your life is for you

The rest of your life is for you (Novel)
Other Name: หวานรักจับหัวใจท่านประธาน / 余生漫漫皆为你

Genre: novel
Futu Ya (浮屠 妖)
2429 endings, + 1 special
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‘Yue Ye Harn’, a handsome young man, president of a far future company that suddenly Discovered that he had a child without knowing it, plus not knowing who was the mother to the child Both the DNA test and his direct response. What is this about?

Although they do not know the origin of the child, it may be because of some kind of relationship Made him decide to raise this child. Until one day, his daughter was hurt to help. From ‘Nian Xiao Mu’. After that, ‘Xiao Nae Luu’ his daughter attached her to Jae. The woman claimed to be a nurse, so he hired her. But her background is mysterious and capable beyond the general nurse, he will have to find a way to prove the truth.

Yu Yuehan, the most honorable and mysterious man in H city, is ruthless and ruthless, not close to female sex, but he is caught by a little girl! “Daddy, you are so handsome.” “Daddy, hug.” Drooling. “Daddy, I want my sister to make one with Mommy.” “Daddy…” Yu Yuehan said blankly: “I’ve never slept with any woman!” No daughter! “Is it my mom who bullied you while you didn’t pay attention?” Yu Yuehan: “…” A brief introduction: This is a sweet pet history of a dad’s cold, black baby’s family fighting and fighting…

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