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Take into the Tang

Take into the Tang (Novel)
Other Name: Take into the Tang / 唐 砖 / เจาะเวลาสู่ต้าถัง

Genre: novel
Jia Yu 2 (孑 与 2)
1,430 chapter + 14 special
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If it wasn’t for greed, it was the cause of ‘Aw Ye’, a young mechanic who was looking for a desert man. Would not have to wake up in the middle of a meadow in a fifteen year old boy While also penetrating the Tang Dynasty era.

When the situation forces him to survive Knowledge and science from the present day are therefore like weapons armed Pioneering a new life path Leading him to the glory that has never been in life before Until entering the whirlpool of usurpation in the royal court. But he didn’t know that Every action About to write new history for the Tang Dynasty!

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