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Suddenly This Summer 忽而今夏 (2018)

Suddenly This Summer
Also known as: 忽而今夏 / Hu Er Jin Xia

Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Youth
Episodes: 30
Country: China Mainland
Release Date: Apr 19, 2018
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  • Bai White as Zhang Yuan
  • Bu Guan Jin as He Luo
  • Fang Wen Qiang as Zhao Cheng Jie
  • Hua Wen as Ye Zhi

He Luo is a quiet and smart model student who excels in English and dreams of becoming a diplomat. Besides, she has a special hobby: She loves to fantasize and integrates the people and situations around her into manhua plots. This summer, when He Luo goes to a tennis competition and sees the team leader Zhang Yuan, she falls head over heels for this beautiful and proud guy. Fate is on HeLuo’s side as they happen to meet again in English evening classes and confront each other during the school’s debating competition. The two become friends, but in He Luo’s imagination, he’s the main lead in her manhua. When He Luo’s friends find their own love, He Luo and Zhang Yuan finally open up about their true feelings. They agree to apply for the same university, however, Zhang Yuan fails to get in. From being in two different classes in the same school, they end up going to different universities in two different cities, and later even different countries, each making their own experiences while growing up. What will become of these two in the end? Source: CdramaBase

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