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Station Master

If you are looking for lost items, go to the second line. (Novel)
Other Name: นายสถานีไขคดีชวนหัว / なくし物をお探しの方は二番線へ

Genre: novel
Atsuto Ninomiya (敦人二宮)
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For Japanese people, “trains” are still the fastest vehicles. For long journeys, inferior to aircraft Many people have seen images of crowded people pushing themselves onto the train, with the station assistant helping both pushing and then having to hold back to laugh.

The train station boss has to take on a really heavy battle as well.
But at this event, a handsome man named Sotot Natsume, a young station master at Fujinosawa Station, wasn’t afraid.

Aside from being a station manager, he works actively Is also a highly skilled detective at the station.

French girl musicians, homeless or salesman All pass by Fujinozawa Station with a puzzle The Sota is getting into trouble. But he will help solve strange problems Each person’s good !?

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