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Magic that reaches only my radius

Magic that reaches only my radius (Novel)
Other Name: เก็บภาพฝัน ฉันกับเธอ / ぼくときみの半径にだけ届く魔法

Genre: novel
Takafumi Nanatsuki
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“Can you take a picture outside for me to see again?”

‘Haru’, a young woman who suffers from illness, has to stay in the house and begs for ‘Jin’, a dry young photographer who accidentally takes a picture of her in the window.

Jin made her request. So that Haru, who lives in the white room, can connect with the outside world As you wish.

At that time, the feeling that had never been touched gradually Formed between him and her.
The encounter of fate Will be a miracle that changed their lives in any direction?

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